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"Trump Russia Collusion" 100% SOLVED. Dis-Spell the #FakeNews mythology.

 "There is a storm coming that they cannot stop!"

 "In the end, they think you are too stupid to sort out the facts versus the blatant propaganda."

 On Russia-Trump-Putin: Robert David Steele video here > First published on December 26th, 2017.

Please share this article with your non-English speaking friends and networks. The coup d'etat against President Donald Trump regarding "Russia Collusion" is explained very quickly, in under 20 minutes - Thank you Bernie of Truth and Art TV.

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"Trump Russia Collusion" - 100% SOLVED- See Full Breakdown!!!

Truth and Art TV - Published on Jul 22, 2018

 Solving the "Russia Collusion" mystery.

 1963: President Kennedy caught "colluding with the Russians".

(affirmative) - No one was concerned
(affirmative) - Part of the job of the President

 1967: President Johnson caught "colluding with the Russians".

 1973: President Nixon caught "colluding with the Russians".

 1974: President Ford caught "colluding with the Russians".

 1977: President Carter caught "colluding with the Russians".

Throughout the 1980s: President Reagan caught "colluding with the Russians".

Throughout the 1980s: President HW Bush caught "colluding with the Russians".

Throughout the 1990s: President Clinton caught "colluding with the Russians".

 2008: President GW Bush (junior) caught "colluding with the Russians".

 2012: President Obama caught "colluding with the Russians".

 Barack Obama says to Russian Medvedev: “After the election, I have more flexibility.”  

[What for? To do what!?]

 A hand-holding "bromance" moment (brother-romance/man-to-man romance).

Check out Medvedev's body language: "Obama - You're my bitch, and you know it!"

"Now let's see how the liberal mainstream media and Democrats treat the exact same traditional Russian diplomacy effort by out President Donald Trump."

Image source WSJ.

"We're about to enter the minds of the delusional left where facts don't matter, only what "they" are "saying" to create the perception [the leftists want us to have]."  See this point on the video for MSM coverage.

 "Actually a good question is: Why do you hate facts and instead, quote other people's opinion?"

 Can you hear it? - "What are 'they' going to be 'saying'?"

 They don't even mention the word "facts" once!

 They create the perception and thus control the narrative.

MSM news presenter says: "Because obviously, they were ultimately released by Wikileaks."

[the MSM does know the truth]

 "Now let's piece it all together."

"Democratic National Congress (DNC) staffer named Seth Rich (as confirmed by testimonies and upcoming evidence) downloaded the DNC emails to a drive and delivered the information to Wikileaks. 

The speed of the download and other information in the servers will prove this."

"This means nothing to do with Russians hacking. Remember, data that is hacked has a limit for how fast it transfers. Keep this in mind. Evidence is coming."

 What happened: 
  • Seth Rich gets murdered for stealing the files
  • Wikileaks reveals the information to the world exposing Hillary, Podesta and the global cabal.
  • Dirty players are caught (Hillary, Brennan, Podesta, Clapper, etc) create the "Russia collusion" conspiracy theory to block awareness of their failed coup d'etat.

Solving the "Russia Collusion" mystery...  [continuing]

[The coup d'etat was clearly illustrated when Peter Strzok was questioned by US congressmen, ie: "I am not permitted by the FBI to answer that question."]

Strategy exposed: Block awareness of this coup d'etat by using "ongoing investigation" as the excuse.

The "Trump-Russia collusion" investigation is "ongoing" (as said by Peter Strzok) even though in 18 months, it has produced Zero evidence against Trump...

... And

It serves as a perfect tool to distract, deflect, and block the investigation and revelation of this coup d'etat attempt.

Are you still wondering why President Trump is the first president in American history not allowed to seek diplomacy with Russia?

Reason why?

>> Trump versus the Deep State.

"Trump's Swamp Draining Service"

The Deep State monster = FBI, CIA, NSA, MSM, Google, UN, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Barack Obama, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Bush family, et al.

The monster says: "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Also pointed up in this poster are even more "swamp creatures": George Soros, Federal Reserve Bank, Rothschild banking family, Council on Foreign Relations, John Podesta "the molesta" (molester), Pizzagate-Pedogate, child abduction - sexual abuse/slavery (see the arms of the Podesta octopus), Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the corrupt Washington DC mechanism, The Bilderberg Group, Bill Gates.

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