Saturday, 28 July 2018

SHADOW-BANNING. IS GOOGLE COMPLYING? Views today: 800. Doubled !!!

Update 22 hours later:  Just shy of 800 views yesterday, and today over 1000 with two more hours left on the clock until we hit the 24-hour mark. What the heck? I haven't had this many views since March when Google-Facebook-Twitter et al began to shadow-ban articles from this blog.

This begs the question:  Is this actual tangible evidence of the power of the Donald Trump hand? He threatened social media platforms over this last week, reminding them that they provide a public service - and yet the conservative voice has clearly been censored.

If this is part of the "Trump Effect", thank you President Trump !!!

Are the social media companies (including Google - of which "Blogger" is a product) actually taking some back-steps on their hard-line anti-conservative viewpoints?  Let's hope so!

It Has Now Been Confirmed, The Time Is Now - Episode 1624b

July 27, 2018

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