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Q Anon says: "Re-read drops October 29-November 7, 2017" >> IMPORTANT !!

This is Q Anon's last drop: Dated July 5, 2018 (New Zealand since this is where I live). Drop number 1681. Author tripcode: Q !CbboFOtcZs. ID: 8d8843. Post number: No. 2029255 (blue links are live). Date and time USA Eastern Standard Time: Jul 4 2018 12:03:24 (EST)

Please compare the above with Q's post below, dated November 9, 2017:

Here is the whole post for November 9, 2017 as found on the archive #128:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d No.148779656    Post number: 128


Trip added.
[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.
Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.
Attached gr[A]phic is correct.
Linked graphics are incorrect and false.
Graphic is necessary and vital.
Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.
Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.
Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.
Disinformation is real.
Disinformation is necessary.
Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True
Why was this necessary?
What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?
Why is this relevant?
Think mirror.
Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you. T
What is a map?
Why is a map useful?
What is a legend?
Why is a legend useful?
What is a sequence?
Why is this relevant?
When does a map become a guide?
What is a keystone?
Everything stated is relevant.
Future provides past.
Map provides picture.
Picture provides 40,000ft. v.
40,000ft. v. is classified.
Why is a map useful?
Think direction.
Think full picture.
Who controls the narrative?
Why is this relevant?
What is a spell?
Who is asleep?
Attention on deck.
There is an active war on your mind.
Be [p]repared.
Ope[r]ations underway.
Operators [a]ctive.
Graphic is essential.
Find the ke[y]stone.
Moves and countermoves.
They never thought she would lose.
Snow white.
Godfather III.
Iron Eagle.

Video: Q Opposition Panicking As Great Awakening Continues

Truth and Art TV - Published on Jul 8, 2018

Truth and Art TV weekly podcast #54 - Narrating the rebirth of America Recorded Sunday July 8, 2018. This is my weekend podcast which I've been numbering for over a year now. From the start the goal was to narrate this huge paradigm shift that is happening in America as our country is restored and the swamp is drained. Little did I know that many months into this rebirth of America Q Anon and the Trump Storm would arrive on the scene. Naturally since November of 2017 I found myself following the Great Awakening that Trump's patriots have been narrating for us in the form of clue questions. This week I review several news items and provide some much needed review of certain key old Q drops. 

Please go to YouTube and see Bernie's description where many links are provided related to prominent news events this week.   #GreatAwakening

@ 20:58  "I think we're at a critical point in this great awakening, that if you get this, you are going to be a dangerous weapon to the New World Order and the Deep State rats... 'The truth is behind you'. This is big. I've been thinking about this for days." - Bernie, Truth and Art TV.

Here is the link to the October-November 2017 Q posts image, reposted (archived) on  

Note: The image was created by Anon researchers and board owners on the original 4chan "Politically Incorrect" /pol forum. Truth and Art TV @ 21:10 (video above) erroneously credits the creation of this image board to Q Anon. Q did not create this image - 4chan board owners did; which is a small but perhaps vital piece of information for your understanding of the whole process of what happened. (I was there - November 3, 2017). Thanks.

Here's the original image in situ on 4chan:

This is the archive of all Q posts -  These archives also are not created by Q Anon. They are created by archive owners or board owners from 8chan or 4chan  

The following are screenshots from the above video to highlight points that Bernie is making, from 19:50 onwards >>


So let's go back to the beginning, and do what Q Anon is clearly recommending for us to do > Go back to the start - October 29, 2017 - and reread these drops with the clarity of hindsight... And please remember to subscribe to Truth and Art TV on YouTube. It sounds like Bernie is going to go through these posts again with a fine tooth comb in his up-coming videos.

Thanks - BronnyNZ

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