Friday, 23 March 2018

Part 4. Senior Executive Service (SES). Mind-map for the entire video

Video: Shadow Government is Collapsing

Please see Part 1 first >
Part 1. Senior Executive Service (SES). Mind-map of video from 0:00 to 7:05

Part 2Part 3printable.

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Please find clearer images here on my website if you want to print and join together into a big physical chart. I give a layout plan on the website.

Following are "modules" from the completed chart that follow the conversation on the video. Thanks for taking the time to go through this complex web with me... Once you see how the SES operates, you'll see why efforts to "drain the swamp" are often stymied. It's this mafia INSIDE THE SYSTEM that Trump is up against... that's why the going is so tough.

There is a cabal INSIDE all departments of the US government who operate as an agency unto itself. This is the SES - the "deep state" shadow government. They are bad, wicked, vile, evil people. They are motivated by money and no act of corruption is too low for them. They have committed murders to shut people up, they traffick children, they incite wars and keep those wars going. In a summary:  They are "anti-life". They will keep their cabal running and keep raking in the profits, no matter who they have to eliminate and no matter how many families they need to shatter.

From listening to this material for the last 4 days and drawing all of these ties together on these charts and in my mind, I strongly suspect those "bad actors" we find in the SES are likely of the Pharaonic #Bloodlines. See my recent articles about the Swiss Pharaohs. This rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than you could know...

Swiss Pharaohs 1 - Who controls the NWO actors? Who are the "unseen hand"?

The Penultimate RABBIT HOLE - The Pharaohs of Switzerland

SEPHIROT MAP. The Pharaonic Death Cult lives amongst us #SwissPharaohs

START: Interview. Host "Douglas" (AIM) introduces guest "Michael McKibben" (AFI).

2. The "enemy within".

3. Law change 1978. Creation of the SES.

4. Organizational strategy

5. The "Dossier"

6. The Conspirators against Trump

7. Will Andrew McCabe get his retirement?

8. The "Research Tool" for online sleuths.

9. Examples of who the Research Tool has uncovered.

10. Solutions

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