Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Mark Zuckerberg over Fed investigation of Facebook: "The RUSSIANS did it." !!!!

March 20, 2018. Source - "Mark Zuckerberg Under Fire Over Facebook's Data Breach During US Presidential Election" - Web Pro News

"Facebook is pointing the fingers Cambridge Analytica and an application developer by the name of Aleksandr Kogan and asserts that they mishandled the data." - CDP

That's right Mark... 

Aleksandr executed a massive data breach all by himself !!  

Facebook had "nothing to do with it", right?  

The People are well-over "blame the Russians" Mark. Come on "Mr Innocent" Swiss Pharaoh - bought and paid for. You're as guilty as sin, and we all know it! You've been a bad actor for years... probably since the beginning actually - with no moral compunction to ever stop selling people's private information for your own personal enrichment. That's the hard facts buddy. 

You fully sold out Facebook in 2009 and again at the end of 2014 to the CIA, NSA 5-eyes network and Mossad (to name just a few, I daresay) in return for a few filthy bucks. The People are not stupid, and we are not impressed. We know how it all goes down... money, money, money. Sell everything to the highest bidders.

Your day has come my friend... And don't expect all of your cronies in the SES to come and Ba'al you out - Anyone into sacrificing a chicken (young boy under 3 years old) to Molech these days, or are you all running scared?  Ref: Hillary Clinton's email on WikiLeaks.

All of your old SES mates are in the doo-doo up to their ears. You're on your own bud. Tell the truth and you'll only get 10 years in GITMO - instead of life !!  It's time you come clean you shabby little pirate. 

All the pirates are being rounded up, including all the corporate pirates who sailed under the British flag two centuries ago. You're not too hard to find in Burke's Peerage and in every government in the world. They/you are all going down. Drug-running, guns-running, human trafficking... child sex slavery trafficking... slavery... money laundering, racketeering...  You're all going down.

See the full article on the Conservative Daily Post and on Web Pro News:

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