Tuesday, 27 March 2018

SHADOW BANNED. BronnyNZ strikes on the TRUTH again !!! Search "SES"

This happened around 3 weeks ago as well, on this blog. I am being shadow banned.  What is the article causing offense? Probably this last article I published about the SES. See much more about the SES here >

Search engines and Google Blogger are making it very difficult for my information to be seen. Cause > Effect. The "effect" is quite profound -

ie: loss of 85% of my organic views !!!!

Therefore:  I must be saying something that is pretty problematic for the Deep State - Senior Executive Service (SES) that hides within the USA administration - the "enemy within". See chatzefratz on YouTube or on my DTube channel.

It's apparently very important since 

this information is being shadow banned !!

The only means I have to counter the strategy of these SES PsyBa bullies is YOU  !!!

Please share my articles with your networks.  

Thank you. Together, we are the resistance.

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