Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Discussion Group: Child Sexual Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse

We need to share our experiences and get these things out in the open... Facebook Group >>

"Coffee n Chat - Exposing Child Rape, Torture and Sacrificial Kills"


This group is a first step towards assisting people to link together face-to-face to support each other and share their own childhood sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse and general abuse stories. We ask that you don't tell other people's stories - THAT story is their own to tell. So just stick to your own story, tell us about your journey of healing - including any therapies, modalities, dreams, people, animals, situations, etc. that have helped your healing along the way. This group has a two-pronged focus:

(1) to keep exposing that these abuses are REAL and that these sorts of insanities DO happen in the world
(2) to support each other as we reach out for healing from the things that were done to us in childhood

We begin this "coffee meeting" idea (thank you Aileen) with this cyber cafe where we can develop relationships with each other, and eventually branch into ACTUAL coffee meetings in our own city, town, local areas... That's the final end-goal we move towards, to have coffee meetings all over the world, in the real world. We endeavour to offer a safe place where people can come together and talk about their experiences. These coffee meetings (both in cyberspace and in the real world) have huge potential to cut through thoughts that tell us that nobody else understands... those feelings of isolation, shame, depression, fear, aloneness, suicidal feelings, a forever-crying inner child but not knowing why, helpless feelings, worry, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and so on - all that are so common to have as an adult, who was abused as a child. This is a place to listen, to share, to care, support and offer suggestions to each other in our ongoing healing.

Here's a few things this group IS NOT:

(1) this group does not support you to be a perpetual victim
(2) this group does not invite conversation about other people's experiences
(3) this group won't tolerate second-guessing anyone else's experiences
(4) this group will not tolerate gossip, ego-driven debate, duality-oriented discussion, nor any conjectural discussion that is not a part of your own direct experience
(5) this group will not tolerate bitching and complaining about other people
(6) this group will not tolerate sock puppets
(7) this group will not tolerate members telling other members what they HAVE to do.

Notes on (7) above:
> Every step along the journey of healing is free-will choice.
> YOU don't live inside somebody else's body, so you have no idea of what it's like to live in that body.
> The best anyone can ever do is offer suggestions, and if it's right for somebody else to pick up that idea, then all power to that brother or sister..

Bron, Aileen, Axe
Aotearoa NZ

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