Sunday 20 December 2015

Screen Shots of Sock Puppets will be put into very good hands...

TRicky D.Man is SPEWING !! Keep him on the run people. Here's my latest reply to the half-dozen Comments (unpublished) that he left on my blog Admin in the last couple of days. If YOU see an RD sock puppet anywhere, please for heaven's sakes take a screen shot and message it to me on Facebook. Thanks.

With your screen shot, add your reasons for why you suspect this is RD (what have you seen?) and put your Name and the Date on it. All of these testimonies will be ending up in very good hands. If you want to help, this is how...

  1. Send me screen shots
  2. What makes you suspect this is RD
  3. Your Name 
  4. The Date. 

Thanks. Following is my reply that will end up in RD's email Inbox as posted in Comments on the link below. ie: I don't know RD's email, but all replies to a left Comment goes to the commentor's Inbox.

BronnyNZ20 December 2015 at 22:18

Blah-blah... blah-blah... This is all getting to you Ricky - that's obvious! Your fear is showing through. You're going mad.  There you are, all over YouTube... all over Twitter... In your various sock puppets who are spewing out their terror everywhere. 

Behind ABUSE is FEAR. Behind ANGER is FEAR. 

You're the most afraid person I know in the world at the moment. Do you know how SAD that is ?? And oh, how you love going on cocaine benders - then you write me seven Comments in a day, I guess just to prove that you're very sane and not spun out at all.  Insanity man... That's all I can say. And you think i'm not documenting your insanity and putting it into the hands of people who matter? What a weak man... "Very weak" - Gabriel Gareeva (Sept 2014). 

The profile is building up about you RD and your sock puppets wherever you go. People leave me screen shots on a daily basis now... all good evidence of course of how good a 'father' you're going to be for Alisa and Gabriel... Yeah, right...  

The eyes of the world are WATCHING YOU

I'd say the court case is going to be a very difficult for you RD. 

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