Sunday 13 December 2015

TRicky D.Man busy jerking himself off again...

"Anonymouse" is RD...
He's always posting this sort of shit in Comments on this blog (I moderate heavily). I guess it's RD's futile attempt to get me riled up. Little does he know me.

Oh how RD loves misquoting people. Take no notice of what I 'supposedly' said below. RD can only preach from the him-book of bollocks. It's an unhappy consequence of opening oneself up to demonic entities. There are ONLY lies told by the demons that talk persistently in your head RD. Jesus was right...
"You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44). 

My family engaged in channelling entities in the early 1970s RD. There are ONLY LIES... That's why you tell so many of them... continously...  You ARE of your father, the Devil.  I see who you are RD and where you've come from... And NONE of us envy you.

What a beggarly rascally band he leads. Adrenochrome from drinking babies' blood is making them all go crazy. Examples directly from the type-type-typing fingers of RD following. Oh well. He'll learn one day - Maybe once he's in the padded cells the NHS will send him to once they realise just how out of control he is.

Come March after the court hearing: No little kiddies returning under his roof then. for him to continue to bugger!  Awwwww....  What a shame RD.  Boo-hoo-hoo... 

No wonder you live in 'love' of, and then in HATE of your own children.
What a little cock-sucking abuser you turned out to be.

Bipolar-Borderline Personality Disorder shows its ugly head again...

Following:  RD replies on BronnyNZ's blog... he was having this little spit-up on 12-12-15.
I wonder what was going on inside his head at the time? Looks like a cocaine bender to me...

on 12/12/15
Oh my, check out those blog stats on the HR page! 238,087 hits in only 7 months!!! Bronski beaten, haha! on EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

on 12/12/15 on EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

on 12/12/15
Bronny, your latest post is called 'Second Sun visible in Indonesia – A harbinger that Nibiru is nearing Earth?'...and you accuse HR of "foolishness and lies"?! LMFAO!!! on EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

on 12/12/15
10,000 a year? [I wrote 100,000 - Ooops... 'typo' I hear you say. How convenient.]  The demented argumentative Anonymous continues: LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Hoaxtead Research gets 2,000 a day (and they've posted the screenshots to prove it). You lose, Tubby! on EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.  

[Hmmm... It was never a competition RD. Is this how insecure you feel? Poor bugger. "they've". Really? Are you talking about yourself in third persona again, RD? Not the first time... Won't be the last.]

on 12/12/15
Ooh, it sounds like Bronnywatch touched nerve, hehe. Bronny's gone into a full-on freckle-faced frenzy! on EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.

on 12/12/15
"Second Sun visible in Indonesia – A harbinger that Nibiru is nearing Earth?" ^ Er...nope. Just a harbinger that Bronny is a fat freckle-faced loon. on Second Sun seen again December 2015. Suspect Sky...

"Anonymous" following...

MR MAGOO. That's the level of intelligence shown by this one...  Just another ranting luntic.
You can only pity him... You've got to feel very sorry for a man who had plastic dildos shoved up his bottom by his own parents all through the 1980s and beyond. What a tragic state of affairs, indeed   : (

- Underlying all the crocodile tears is the heart of a little boy that was utterly ripped out by his own parents. What a mess...  Generational child sex abusers   : (

Only YOU can stop the cycle RD. It's up to YOU brother...


  1. Yeah... Blitz this man with your BRIGHT Energies. Darkness can not remain when there is BRIGHT LIGHT shining in. This man needs to do his good healing work. It's likely to take a couple of decades... but you need to do it Ricky. And then you WILL be FREE !! Atm. You're just living in the worst kind of hell. We don't envy you... :(

    1. There is NO-THING about your life that is enviable. It's time the chains of your slavery slipped off your wrists and from around your neck. But the only One who can do this work for you, is YOU! Take up the challenge... and commence your March to FREEDOM Ricky Dearman.

      btw. 'free' comes from an old Germanic word meaning, 'love, to be loved, lovable, loving...' YOU desparately need a dose of FREEDOM Ricky !! The world you live in is based in Juno Moneta - a Babylonian/ Egyptian/ Roman trick. The trick of MONEY is just that... an illusion. It only works because people beLIEve they need money. And that world of money you tap into is only available to you if you video-record children being anally brutalised or ramming your dick half way down some poor child's throat while the camera is running. What a ROTTEN way to 'make a living'. Horrible. I live in the world of altruism, and giving freely to each other, and not having to keep a tally of what my own self-worth is by how much gold i've got in my little baggie... And You can get free too Ricky... but first... You have to WANT to.

      What a challenge...


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