Thursday 3 December 2015

"ISIS" are MERCENARIES: Vladimir Putin, Sochi Oct 2014

Seminal speech: Putin, Sochi. Oct 24, 2014. Please SHARE.

This video is very relevant RIGHT NOW given the ISIS-Russia-Syria-USA-NATO-Turkey-UK relationship that is developing right before our eyes in Nov-Dec 2015.

LISTEN to or READ every word of this Man. He is correct.


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Video >>  Putin: Who created ISIS?

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Image - Putin Asks “Who Created ISIS?”
Video published on Sep 25, 2015

In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc. are less pressing issues).

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.  In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.

I'm not affiliated to them but I encourage those interested in Eurasian politics to follow Valdai on Facebook, for truthful insights with leading experts.

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