Friday 11 December 2015

Second Sun seen again December 2015. Suspect Sky...

Second Sun visible in Indonesia – A harbinger that Nibiru is nearing Earth?

second sun indonesie

Strange Happenings on Earth

Published on Dec 5, 2015
UFO sightings, mysterious floating cities, and strange encounters with haunting entities, make us wonder if November 2015 has been the most active month of extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial contact to date. Very special thanks to those audience submissions which include both flashing UFOs and the recently discovered Dark Light Column effect.

This video includes footage, towards the end, of what I consider to be the best contemporary video capture of the UFO phenomenon. It also presents evidence of eerie explosions in the sky, strange manifestations of large glowing sky-bound structures, and personal, real time encounters with strange lights in the sky.

Are we being visited? Does this film document the varying forms that these encounters manifest themselves? When everyday citizens have the reactions they do as documented in this film, is it time to accept that something extraordinary is happening?

Is this video proof that something non-natural is occurring in our skies – and on the ground?

A Dissenting History of the World [PART I] - Nuclear War & UFOs 
- by SuspectSky

10,778 views 1 month ago

History is to be loved - it forms the center of our current existence. The sacrifices and accomplishments of those who came before form the center of our world.

But should that history be blindly accepted by us? Through mediums that are known to create truth that suits their current policies and purposes? A Dissenting History of the World Part 1 prepares us to enter into the realm of questions regarding our current acceptance of the status quo history.

We begin with the nuclear era and World War II, and its influence on US policy towards the UFO phenomenon. Is our present day dismissal of such events ill founded in historical archives? Is there a relationship between UFO activity and current technological progress? Does this relationship influence the powers that be in determining their policies of global government?

Is there a common thread between all conspiracies, all of which we question and wonder if there is more to, and is that common thread accessible through a dissenting opinion of our recorded history?

It is the obligation of every world citizen to not accept the sanitized historical story provided to us since birth.

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