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China bullion exchange opens on April 19, 2016

Ah-ha !! Check out the video below for another part of the reason why there is going to be a distraction created on April 19, 2016 around the opening of these 'Temples of Baal'. Could this all be distraction?

We've all seen this before when Netanyahu bombed the crap out of Palestine on 14-7-2014 which was the date the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) was signed into being at Fortaleza Brazil that directly challenges the IMF.

I know it's also the important Baal sacrifice day (undisputed), but we need to think about these multi-international Temple Gate openings in terms of where all the MSM, the 'alternative' (MSM-paid for) news, and real alternative news channels will be pointing their cameras... Then guess what?  The real news gets missed. And what's the real news ???  

The opening of the Chinese exchange on April 19, 2016 

that may very soon have the COMEX on its rear end.  

Is it any coincidence that the date the new Chinese billion exchange is being launched is April 19, 2016 ?? That's is the very same day the 'Temple of Baal' will be opened in NYC, London, and other cities all over the world - a huge distraction operation I think you will agree. 

The launching of the new Shanghai exchange comes straight after the opening of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on January 16, 2016* (see below), and the opening of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) on March 7, 2016. 

The China bullion exchange will undoubtedly take over from the (US) COMEX as the preferred platform for metals trading in the world. COMEX is well known for its inability to deliver.

The AIIB will take over the role the World Bank has been playing up until now, as the "big bank" to which all smaller banks in the group defers. Eg: JPMorgan Citibank, Bank of America, Bank of England, ASB, ANZ, Westpac, BNZ, etc, etc, all over the world, all defer to the World Bank, as they're all members of that banking cabal. The World Bank is located in Brussels, Belgium. Hmmm... hasn't Brussels been in the news a lot recently? Coincidence? Similarly, the AIIB could well provide 'oversight' or become the 'top tier' bank that supports an alternative banking group in the future which has broken away completely from the Rothschild-dominated World Bank-IMF- Bretton Woods banking system. 

The NDB is taking over the role the IMF used to play, of granting loans to the nations of the world to assist with infrastucture developments, post-WW2

Please listen from 9:00 on the following video about COMEX and the new Chinese "ABX" exchange. 

"There's going to be a re-set in the system..." - Bill Holter

Also, there's a second video after the Bill Holter transcript that we really need to take notice of. It's about these 'Temples of Baal' and includes a call for us all (globally) to take action against the installation of these gates/pillars all over the world. 


* Please note: 16-1-16 are magic numbers (reduced to 7-1-7) and is my birth date incidentally (16-1-61). Is this why I can keep up with the Babylonian Priesthood and see their tricks so clearly, because my astrological chart is so heavy in Saturnian energy? It's not easy to live with, I hasten to add. I have four large bodies in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn) and one significant smaller planet conjunct to these four (within 8 degrees) which sits in Aquarius the humanitarian (Mercury - fast messenger).

This 'Babylonian Priesthood' are the priests of Egypt, Babylon, and Rome-Greece (via Cleopatra the Macedonian Greek), who collectively ruled the Mediterranean East for thousands of years, both before and after the Roman Calendar reset on the year 1AD or 1CE (Common Era). The sceptre of power then went to Britain who has ruled the world since 1600 CE with the opening up of the 'Indies' - The British East India Company initially, then the Americas, then Australia including NZ which was originally meant to be another state of Australia.

By all accounts, we are still under the rule of Rome via the Roman Catholic Church. The break-away of the Church of England (Anglican) from Italian Roman Catholicism was a formality that left England in the clutches of The Vatican still. The Church of England stopped the "Mary Worship", the worship of the "Saints", idol worship, allowed the drinking of the Sacrament (the wine) and obviously, allowed divorce - which is apparently why Henry VIII "protested" against the Catholic Church. But essentially, the Church of England still sits under Rome. Please see the Nicean Creed of the Church of England. This still gets said by Anglican parishoners every Sunday. The "catholic" (general) church at that time was most certainly the Roman Catholic church that prevailed all over Europe. Just a few of the traditions got thrown out, that's all.

The Roman patrician (landed) families it seems, usurped the story of Iesus Christus and overlaid their story of "Mithra" the Sun God on top of a real prophet named "Apollonius of Tyana". He is an historic figure who was a Pythagorean of the Greek school of philosophy.

My blog here for Apollonius:

Saturn rules Capricorn. The Saturnalia in ancient Rome occurred 17-23 December. All sorts of debauceries happened while people were standing in queues waiting to go into the theatre. Yup... they penetrated each other liberally during Saturnalia (lots of sodomy). Only men and slaves (both sexes) were allowed to go to the theatre - That's how bawdy these shows were that wives and daughters (legitimate mares) were not permitted to go. Slaves and catamites (young boys aged three and upward who were used for sexual purposes) gave head under their master's tunic or cloak while they waited in line to see the latest Comedy or Tragedy. Ironically, i'm a Classical Studies major or I wouldn't have heard about all these goings-on. I graduated in 1996, long before I knew what was really going on in the world. There are no coincidences. Having this background makes "dot-connecting" much easier.


Published on Mar 31, 2016

Bill Holter from JS Mineset is back to discuss the current state of global economic affairs, and I have one simple question for him. Where is the collapse!?

Transcript notes for our foreign language friends

SGT: Bill Holter is back to talk to us right now. Where's the collapse?
Bill: The collapse is unfolding before our eyes. We started to unwind in January and February, then there was a 'bounce' (bounce back) that happened around the G20. There has been speculation that there has been something done (manipulations) to take pressure off the system.
Bill: Unemployment in the USA is actually at around 23%.
SGT: 45% of the US's "assets" are student loans
5:00 Bill: Obviously it's not an asset. Problem: When you consider other people's liabilities as an 'asset'. It's valueless. I think that's what the 'great awakening' is going to be... When people find out that somebody else's liability is not really your asset.
SGT: The guys holding the 'winning chips' won't be holding winning chips if the guys who are supposed to pay their debts can't pay their debts - in relation to the derivatives chain
Bill:  Let's go back to the first question, "Where's the collapse?" Just look all over the world:  China's exports were down 23% and their imports were down around 15% for the first two months of the world. This is a prime example of global GDP. Global GDP is contracting.
SGT: This 'funny money' printing from the central banks is not working, but this is the only plan they have.
7:20 Bill:  You can see the real economy is declining. It's just a matter of time until you get that 'panic moment' in markets... It's my opinion that it will take around 48 hours [for repercussions to go around the world].
8:20 Bill:  Gold is money... Gold is a physical asset. 
9:00 SGT: Gold is going to a price that will surpass even what Jim Sinclair sees to the upside... The price-discovery index is trending towards physical. The COMEX is ancient history and does not know it. Is the COMEX ancient history?

Bill:  Let's move away from the COMEX and then come back to it. This upcoming month [April], the ABX which is a physical exchange in Shanghai is going to be opening on the 19th ... It's interesting that just yesterday, there were 30 more countries announced that they are going to join the AIIB [Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank]. Also, the CPIS (Chinese Inter-bank... ahh... ) it's their banking 'clearing' system has been ramping up, and they have some changes over the next month proposed, to make it more international. It seems to me that these things coming together at the same time is not a co-incidence. So I would keep an eye on April 19 - that is when the ABX the physical exchange in China is supposed to go 'full blown' (operational). We've talked about this for 6-9 months now, but there is a firm date of April 19 now. So going back to your original question: "Is COMEX irrelevant? COMEX very well could be irrelevant any day that you wake up, based on a big physical trade going through the ABX that could clean the market out. 

12:15 SGT:  What is a paper contract worth if the contract can't be fulfilled? [in reference to gold]
Bill:  The answer is obvious is zero. It's not worth anything. That goes back to what we were talking about before, 'assets and liabilities'. If a liability can't be performed on, it's worth zero. That which is somebody else's 'asset', makes that asset worth zero. 

13:10 Bill: Basically, we believe there is going to be a re-set in the system. There's going to be a 'bank holiday'. When that happens, you're going to need to be able to transfer your weath [gold or silver] from the current system to whatever the new system is.  And if your wealth is sitting in a bank [cash], or sitting with a broker [stocks], or sitting in municipal bonds, or whatever, and we go through a 'bank holiday' where things are devalued, re-valued, 'bailed in' or whatever term you want to use, your wealth is not going to get from here to there - and especially if there is a revaluation or a new currency introduced. If that happens then your capital will be greatly diminished, moving into the next system. But if you're moving gold or silver from this system into the next system, you're transferring your wealth in whole

14:15 SGT:  Let's talk a little bit about silver.  2015 turned out to be a record year for total US and Indian silver imports. Combined US and Indian silver imports didn't just surpass the previous record set in 2014, they smashed the record by 20%.

14:35 Bill:  Physical silver is already broken down, so in an [economically broken] society, silver will transact. You can't transact in gold, because you can't get change. The consumption of silver and the consumption of gold we know, is greater than the annual gold production [globally]. So where is the silver coming from?  My theory is this...  Because China has been a silver nation for 2000 years, I think the silver that's been hitting the market has been let into the system by China to keep the system up and running long enough for them to empty out Western vaults with their 50 tons per week of imports of gold. That is, China is giving up silver to get gold. That's just my opinion.

17:05  Bill: There will be a 'monetary event'  ... I think you're going to see a mass rush out of currencies and into anything 'real'.  The ultimate 'real' is silver and gold. 
17:55  Bill: There's going to be a 'monetary event' where basically the world panics out of other people's liabilities - and that is currency. All currency today is the liability of that nation. 

18:50 SGT: This is the devastating effect of fiat currencies run amok. What people need to understand is if they don't protect themselves and take some measure against the inevitable collapse of the US fiat dollar, they will suffer the same fate of the Venezuelans.

19:30 Bill:  On a macro-stand point (point of view), we're talking about global currencies. I believe it's going to be a global event, it's not going to go country by country. It's going to look like one great big hyper-inflationary panic event, where people move out of paper.

21:15  Discussion about the American election.

Published on Apr 2, 2016


Temple of Baal to be opening in Times square New York and London on April 19th ... this must be stopped.


Saturnalia - Saturn - became the 'horned one' - Satan and later Baphomet who modern day Satanists worship. 

This is a big, big topic. But don't be afraid to go down the rabbit hole. The more people who are educated in these occult secret Mystery Religions (official term) and traditions, the more people who will be able to see the tricks of the Babylonian Prieshood (the money magicians) when they are next attempted. Thanks for your efforts.

You will ultimately find there are only two things the money magicians want to do to humanity... One is to do with the corporeal human form, and the other is to do with the Roman goddess, Juno Moneta. They're both depicted in this Roman artwork, the Warren Cup which is held in the British Museum.


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