Saturday 9 April 2016

"The Waltons" 1970s mind-numbing programing - 21st century RFID FEMA

The VIDEO that WALMART DOESN'T Want You To See!! Future RFID Chipping Hubs...

Published on Apr 4, 2016
This video expose is styled as a documentary short, covering 5 unusual facts about Walmart store closings. Walmart has had numerous contracts with the U.S. government. One of these goes back to the early 2000s, when Walmart began a cooperative with the U.S. Defense Department on RFID technology. With the help of the DoD, Walmart has been at the forefront of biometric and RFID technology. In 2012-2013, Walmart introduced SoloHealth stations into their stores and announced that it was an Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, initiative. Most people overlooked that the SoloHealth stations came equipped with RFID scanning technology. Walmart was a pilot for these SoloHealth Stations, and collected data on thousands of people as a part of the test run...

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A little bit of history - by BronnyNZ

The nice comfortable characters written into "The Waltons" in the 1970s placated the American public, and created 'blinders' to that name as the "Walmart" massive retail chain gutted the livelihoods of small business owners right across the USA, forcing them to close down.

We now see very clearly, five decades later, an even more insidious role "the real Walton family" have been playing behind the scenes. That family has most certainly reserved a place for themselves in those bunkers (elite DUMBs). No damn wonder those stores are now wrapped in razor wire, as people continue to wake up. What are you going to do about this in your community?

The choices are endless... from pamplet drops and protests to create public awareness, to more stronger forms of letting your disgust and anger be known over what this family has done to the American people over three generations!! Get your local sherrifs involved... They know the deal. They want to help you.

Don't stay silent. Raise consciousness in YOUR community.

Also, please go to the "Ascension Song" article below to get a much clearer picture of the way humanity is collectively affecting our future timeline, and please see the supporting articles under it. Thank you, BronnyNZ

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