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Did 'Next News Network' just expose itself as a paid shill ??


Published on Mar 20, 2016
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Commentary by BronnyNZ:

Hello, hello !! ??  Is 'Next News Network' another paid-for disinformation "news" video channel ??  Did you just hear what this guy said ??  Did you hear who he was quoting ?? (another Zionist-owned MSM propaganda outlet).  Either this guy is a paid shill or he's just plain stupid !!  :-/

Buyer BEWARE with any of these so-called "alternative" media channels. Please remember...  Over 80% of ALL media* is owned by the Zionist Global Network of Control. So you've gotta keep your eyes and ears open out there, and be very vigilant with looking for the inconsistencies and the lies... and the continuing propagagation of the MSM (Zionist/illuminazi/Khazarian propaganda) as we see in this video here.

* That's a Karen Hudes figure btw, but i'm pretty sure David Wilcock also backs this figure up.  And yeah I know... some people think Karen's CointelPro too. You're entitled to that opinion. I'm not so sure.

What "Next News Network" is doing is the same as what we saw on "We are change" news channel just a couple of weeks ago. But "Next" is doing it in a whole lot more subtle a way... by simply re-inforcing the old already-received propaganda myth used during the 1950s-1960s Cold War - that "Russia is bad"  :-/

Gary Franchi then goes on to list many members of the BRICS economic alliance (it's not a military alliance) as being countries who are looking for war !!!  :-o   Lol !!!  No they're not !!  Unless the idiot is a paid shill, Franchi would know that President Putin, Xi Jinping and their BRICS allies are looking for "diplomatic solutions".  This has been clearly stated by Vladimir Putin​ many times in the last 2-3 years.

Franchi then goes on to specifically list the countries:  Russia, China, Korea (he doesn't even specify North or South who have entirely different foreign and military policies - just the word 'Korea' is meant to instill fear into the hearts of Americans) ... India, Pakistan, Iran (the old hackneyed flogging-horse) ...

I'm surprised Franchi left out Iceland, Hungary and Cuba quite frankly !!  All of those countries have ditched the  US petro-dollar and IMF system as well !!  But of course if Franchi did that, the propaganda would then truly be seen!  :-/   Cover blown!  But as it stands, Franchi and "Next News Network" continues to fly just under most people's radar, and they don't notice 'the game'.

Please feel free to Share this post. People need to start thinking about this issue:  >>> That we continue to be LIED to by these so-called "alternative" news outlets!


Update February 7, 2017.

I now listen to Next News Network all the time !!  It's my go-to place for news of the day. Gary Franchi still gets his wires crossed I feel, from time to time - He's a product of America. It takes a long, long time often to unravel in your head all the propaganda you've been brought up with, eg: old Cold War rhetoric. But besides the odd occassion where Franchi still runs to Russia to be the whipping boy, I think what they're producing is generally pretty solid - MUCH MORE SO than CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and any of these other big players. In fact, Next News Network rates higher than all of these MSM outlets for clicks. Amazing !!

- That's how down the gurgler MSM news is, in 2017. Dead duck still trying to paddle... Oh no... It's turning into a frog and is about to "croak". Oh look at that... It's just turned into a lemon.

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  2. Franchi is a moron. He recently did a video stating that Trump's victory caused Ford to move it's heavy duty truck production back to Ohio. I voted Trump but that was completely false B.S. Ford started thinking about it back in 2011 and then production started up in Ohio in August 2015 and near the same time they moved small car production from the U.S. down to Mexico (which Franchi didn't even mention). Fords moves had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. Franchi is either a shill, or a moron or a moronic shill.


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