Friday, 11 September 2015

"The BLACK BOOK" is the "DIRT BOOK" kept about UK Ministers

Tim Fortescue from Westminster s Secret Service BBC 1995

The "Dirt Book" is kept so the SS can get Ministers to do what they want them to do "forevermore".

26:00 "When you're trying to persuade a member that he should vote in a way that he didn't want to vote... which is a part of your job... it is possible to suggest that perhaps it would be not in his interest if people knew 'something or other'."

'Life in Whips Office' (1995) featuring Geoffrey Dickins MP

Published on Jun 26, 2014

Michael Cockerall documentary Life in Whips Office May 1995 featuring Geoffrey Dickens MP


  1. Look at that, not a woman to be seen. No wonder there are so many wars. Women barely make it in the halls of power.

  2. Note also that men like that secretive chummy thing? Secret societies don't have women in them and there are no secret societies consisting of women. Secrecy is the sanctuary of psychopaths.

  3. We can represent ourselves now, with the internet, we can vote on issues not on people. All this rubbish of elite representing us, they don't represent us. They don't live like us. Government is a failed idea, it's irrelevant now that we all can read and write.


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