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Pope's visit to USA Sept: Native children to be Raped-Killed during Catholic Church NINETH CIRCLE rites to be held in Catholic churches in the USA.


Radio Free Kanata, September 13, 2015

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Sunday, September 13, 2015 03:00 pm
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Commentary:  ITCCS Breaking News. September 12, 2015

"Pope Francis" to curtail his American visit after catholic child trafficking event is targeted for disruption

"World Meeting of the Family" in Philadelphia is a meeting ground for in-house child rapists and killers


A planned disruption of a notorious child trafficking event in Philadelphia on September 26 has forced Jorge Bergoglio, "Pope Francis", to cut short his upcoming "diplomatic visit" to the United States, according to sources in the Vatican.

Local child abuse survivors and a special ITCCS team have targeted the "World Meeting of Families" event in Philadelphia for disruption after it was learned that the event will be a cover for a secret gathering of prominent child traffickers associated with the catholic Opus Dei and Knights of Columbus groups. These traffickers include at least one Cardinal and several Bishops associated with Pope Francis' retinue.

According to one Vatican source, upon learning of the planned disruption of the event, Pope Francis insisted on a revision of his itinerary to avoid any contact with the site of the protest, and he will apparently be leaving Philadelphia for Rome "at least a day earlier than originally planned".

However, the Pope still plans to appear at a "special conference" with local Bishops, including those clergy associated with the Opus Dei-Knights of Columbus trafficking network, while he is in Philadelphia, according to the same source.

Special ITCCS Adviser Kevin Annett commented today, "These 'conferences' often include the ritual rape and killing of children, according to a growing number of witnesses, including from within the church. We have learned that at least two children from the Navaho or Gila Indian reservations will be ritually killed during the Pope's visit, by the very men with whom he will be meeting and 'praying', and perhaps even by Jorge Bergoglio himself."

Other protests against the Pope during his USA tour will include an aboriginal convergence to oppose Bergoglio's "canonization" of a genocidal California missionary, Junipero Serra, in Washington DC on September 23; and an ITCCS-sponsored action outside the United Nations on September 25. Spiritual elders will also be conducting public exorcisms at the site of Bergoglio's catholic masses in New York and Washington.

Issued 12 September by the ITCCS Brussels Central Office.

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