Friday, 11 September 2015

Time for Revolution. 2015 Prediction: "Confrontation over hidden truths."

I'm personally not at all keen on channeled messages. This message fits very well with a dream I had a fortnight ago. I'll tell you my dream then i'll let you get on with the video...


Dream message:

"Get up off your couch and LOOK out the window at the world outside - down your own street. Don't beLIEve what the Media Propaganda Machine is trying to tell you."

The dream setting was very simple:  I was with someone (gender neutral) in their living room. They were watching TV. There was a general sense of calm and bliss about them. I started talking about all the changes that are going on in the world right now, all the protests, the riots, the social disquiet of the world's people, the uprising of people against the system.

This person looked at me in shock.
They said, "No. That's not happening... Here, look..."

With that they flicked through a number of channels on their TV remote control and sure enough, there were only happy, cute stories, fun stories, animal programs, happy stories of family life, game shows, cooking shows, and music videos...

They were RIGHT !!  Nothing was happening at all !!

I invited them over to the window (a different point of view) and asked them to look outside. I said, "Look out there... into the REAL world. What do you see?"

Outside, a HUGE crowd of people was amassing in the street, all wearing warm winter jackets and woolen knitted hats. People were running across streets, dogs barked, sirens sounded... People carried pickets, waving them high in the air with words painted on them like: "Enough is Enough" and "People TAKE BACK the POWER!"

An unsettled mood descended in the living room. The person looked back at the TV screen again with colorful cartoons and the TV moms constantly smiling with the perfectly styled hair.  Then they looked back out the window to the scene of growing disruption, where rocket-flares had been set off in the darkening of the night, and police on horseback had arrived.

What to believe ??  What to believe ??  

My words cut through loud and clear:  "You will only be fed lies through the TV screen. That is the reason TV exists... to sell you whatever propaganda it wants to sell you.

It will tell you there are terrorists on your doorstep, but what you SEE outside is American troops. It will tell you everything in the world is peaceful, and yet you SEE people living on the street and begging money for their next meal.

TV will tell you Social Services are doing a good job, and yet you KNOW that every week there are 1000 children under 18 who vanish in the USA (FBI figures) and 2700 children disappear every week in the UK (Daily Mail). And what are The People told to do by the Media ??  - just sit at home and Tweet about it. "Great! You're doing a really good job."

Like: Don't get up and actually have a rEVOL-ution about it or anything. 1 child GONE every FOUR MINUTES !!  Just Tweet... and we'll get Steven Fry to give you a pat on the back and tell you all what a wonderful job you're doing.  Controlled opposition right there !!

I repeat: One child every 4 minutes is never seen again in the UK.  
But TV will tell you that Police, Courts, Social Services, Hospitals and Schools are all doing a "wonderful" job. And yet 

Isn't it funny how we beLIEve what the TV says ???

So DO NOT believe what the liars on your Tel-LIE-vision tell you. Get up YOURSELF, and go to the "window" and LOOK OUT. And there, you WILL SEE THE REALITY of what this world is !!


Obviously, the dream is allegorical as well as literal.

But I woke up the next day and I KNEW the world was on the EDGE of rEVOL-ution !!
We are HERE !!  Most of us have made it in one peace. We remember in our hearts the many that haven't.  The time is HERE.  This is it !! It's time for rEVOL-ution.  

Humanity STANDS at the Threshold. 

The Time is NOW !!

Barbara Marciniak is one of the few channellers I post.  The Pleiadean Collective through Barbara are usually pretty spot-on. Please see more on 2015 from Barbara HERE >>

Pleiadian Prophecy about World Revolution 2015 - 2017

Published on Jul 14, 2015

The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak, November 23, 2014. Predictions: Revelations, Religion, GMOs, Ebola, Economic Crash, Mass Awakening and more...

"... A big wake up and a big confrontation over hidden truths will become a theme for the year 2015."  (25:18)  - Barbara Marciniak

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