Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hampstead Cover-up: A PUBLIC OUTCRY CALLED FOR !!

Drif Loud ‏@drifloud Jul 26

Quiz: The father, who the children have named as the chief among the rapists and torturers who sodomised/raped them has been allowed continuous contact with them - contact via skype, phone and email as well as visiting contact.

Why then have The Authorities DENIED the mother, who the children emphatically stated had NEVER hurt them, been denied any form of contact with her children by The Authorities for the last five months?

This is a directive from the public to The Authorities - the public are the people who you are supposed to serve, and the people who employ you and pay your salaries, remember?  Who are unlawfully holding the "Hampstead 2" ??

Start making immediate arrangements to return G & A to the care of their mother, Ella. Set up direct communications (telephone/skype/email with the children and their mother NOW, without delay while you make immediate arrangements to return the children to the care of their mum.

You, who are responsible for holding G & A hostage, need to KNOW: Some of you HAVE TO spend the rest of your lives in prison


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