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Institutional CSA. Kevin Annett September 6, 2015: "Spirit and Resolve"

This is a very good radio show... September 6, 2015.

Please take note from around 28:30 "Spirit and Resolve".

Kevin is right !! Are you a part of this new movement?

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Radio Free Kanata, September 6, 2015

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Sunday, September 06, 2015 03:00 pm
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For the naysayers who are still listening to the Alfred Labremont Weber drivel... please consider this statement of logic I found, written by somebody on a Weber video. The guy is right !!

Vatican agents don't expose Vatican problems. Bilderbergers, love progressives and hate conservatives, so why would they kill progressive programs? There is no such thing as a globalist agent or operative, that exposes pedophilia or child murders. ALL such agents cover up these events, and if they can't kill the messenger, they will marginalize them with new media. You can tell when someone is onto real truth when they become persecuted by any kind of government or media bashing.

We also have these statements from Henry Makow, posted on April 6, 2014:
I have met Kevin Annett and he doesn’t have a halo... 
But he does exude a transparency and a dogged determination to make sure we learn the truth about the genocide of (he claims) “roughly” 80-90 million North American Indians. He is the closest thing to a genuine dissident in this society, the closest thing to a real hero. Although he’s been fighting this lonely battle for 15 years [since 1992], we haven’t heard of him, proof our “heroes” are manufactured for us.  
Kevin’s Love and Death in the Valley is available online. He is an excellent writer. I also recommend you visit Kevin’s webpage and donate if you can. He represents the single greatest threat to the Illuminati in Canada today. He is being followed by police and subject to increasing organized Internet smear attacks. He ministers to the homeless and lives on a shoe string. 
The Illuminati want the land and the water rights. The Aboriginals are the only people standing in their way.  
In his book, Love and Death in the Valley, Kevin muses on the disconnect between what people profess and what they actually do. 
“The most successful minister in the church I found is the man or woman who can function as an efficient dissociated personality, regularly professing one thing and practising the opposite.” (p.151) 
Kevin Annett demonstrates the impact people can have when they act on their beliefs. As such, he is an inspiration to me.   - Makow

Alberni Indian Residential School

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