Tuesday 5 July 2022

Who are these thought leaders? Profiling New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - Bill and Melinda Gates' patsy @ "Goalkeepers" September-October 2019.

Goalkeepers 2019: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Note: "Goalkeepers" is a project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I know... So trustworthy !!

Freudian slip at 1:33 ??? - "she's pledged to have child poverty in the next decade" !!!  
Gates actually said "halve", but with an American accent. 

+++ All the garbage about the Maori language being brought into day-to-day use by Ardern. Thought that was Dame Whena Cooper did that in the 1970s-80s ??? Ardern/media are only using te reo so much now to soften tangata whenua to the globalist agenda - by trying to make Maori feel all comfy!

At 9:09 - 9:55. She's singing from the Rockefeller Foundation songbook. 

11:22 She's now singing from the globalist's songbook, particularly in reference to the Georgia Guidestones.   

At 12:07 - Yeah... What is that about "human rights" Jacinda ??

"Climate change" has been going on since and before the ice ages. Planet Earth is not on a perfect ellipse in relation to the sun. Think about it. Do you want to change the pollution status of the planet? - just go knock of the door of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to address that one!

Video dated October 1, 2019. Please spread far and wide. The people of Aotearoa New Zealand need to wake up to the scam artist this woman is and exactly who it is who's pulling on her puppet strings!

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  1. Thanks Bron. People, especially NZ voters, need to know this. Cheers, Eve.


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