Thursday, 3 March 2022

Vladimir Putin is taking down the NWO globalists and the World Economic Forum agenda #KlausSchwab


Source for meme images is on Facebook

Last image got lost in translation ??  I think Putin might be saying: If you want to bring "fire power" (the fog of war) over this issue, bring it on! I'm ready!

Check the dates on the images above. 

Search "Vladimir Putin" and "Vladimir Putin speech" on this blog to see Putin outing the globalists ever since 2014 !!! Why do you think the Western media and governments attack him?  - because he's outing their Satanic child rape and sacrifice rings. Same reason why they attack Donald Trump - See Trump's December 2017 Executive Order to stop child trafficking. 

Search: English children say Wednesday is the big day of sex for them" on this blog. Alisa and Gabriel tell you the truth... and so does Dutch banker Gerald Ronald - video below. Note: Gerald's videos were all over YouTube a couple of years ago... all been removed now. "They" (the child sacrificing pedo-cabal) don't want you to know!

We know... We know.

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