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The propaganda explaining our "hidden history" according to the Khazarian mafia, deep state players - ethnically from the region we now know as Ukraine. Humans, wise up!


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Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: Act 9 - Rome - Pagan Empire of Babeled Gods

Nice bit of propaganda for the first 6 minutes of the video linked above. I've lived in Europe. There are clearly VERY DIFFERENT tribes that are ancient (pre-5000 BCE) who are the original inhabitants of those lands with very different customs, ways of thinking, and obviously languages - ones that haven't been overtly Romanised, of course. Funny how the sons of Israel at the beginning and end of this first 6 minutes are represented as the 12 stars on the European Union (EU) flag. That tells you immediately who commissioned the video - the Khazarian mafia who have been running this shit-show ever since 1400 BCE. 

Note: The DNA Haplogroup R1b1a2 is found in the Egyptian AMENhoteps I-IV. Amenhotep IV changed his own name to Akhenaten and became a mono-theist, forcing a change in religion which was hated by the Egyptians of the time. He was the father of Tutankhamun. This bloodline originally came from the Black Sea regions around the Caucasus Mountains - including Ukraine, Georgia (the country), south Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Armenia in c.11,000 BCE. 

In 1457 BCE under Thutmos III (aka Thutmosis or Tuthmosis, Moses ??) Egypt conquered the lands of Canaan and Samaria - to be buffer states between Egypt and the powerful Hittite Kingdom just to the north of Samaria. The Exodus (that didn't happen as per the Biblical story) is placed right at this time, as seen in the above image. Funny that! Refer to archaeologist Joann Fletcher and historian Sean Hross for information that shows how architectural, written records, shrines and memorials are found in Egypt, in the State of Israel (a Rothschild funded and created country), and evidences from all over western Europe, and especially in Switzerland since 1291. 

What you have in this first 6 minutes of the video (on the above link) is a mythos - Khazarian propaganda. If you want to see what actually happened, you need to trace the movements of the Swiss Pharaohs as they came out of Palestina as those we know as the Knights Templar in the late 13th century - 

It's a very messy and multifaceted story filled with all kinds of villains...

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Please note: A fast-track immigration approval process was set up between the State of Israel and Ukraine at the beginning of the Russian ethnic genocide in the east of Ukraine starting 2014. It was noted by victims of the conflict and various commentators that many of the soldiers committing the atrocities, including the crucifixion of a Ukrainian national or "rebel", appeared to be "Mossad". Ie: Soldiers on the Ukrainian side under President Petro Poroshenko were Israeli. After that, up rose the Azov Regiment in Ukraine who are literal Nazis (not neo-Nazis), possibly the offspring of Nazi families who fled Germany at the end of WW2, it is speculated. 

Did you know that Ukraine had two official languages up until the early 20th century? No, of course not. It was in the country's interest to hide that fact least all kinds of questions be asked by the international community. The first is Ukrainian and the second was Yiddish. There are irrevocable ties between these two territories...  Bigger stories yet to unfold.

The Steppes of Khazar - Animated Short Film (2018)

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