Saturday 20 June 2015

SATANISM PREVAILS in EVERY Strata of society. WAKE UP and SEE !!

HAMPSTEAD COVER-UP on WorldBeyondBelief w/Ella and Abraham

Published on 14 Jun 2015

SHOCKING NEWS IN THE HAMPSTEAD COVER-UP! Ella and Abraham Present and Update The World Beyond Belief on the Hampstead Affair

This week Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in a live interview bring us up to date on what is happening regarding her two children trapped between a satanic death cult and the UK child protection service racket. Much has happened since the judge’s bogus ruling (devoid of investigation) regarding the fate of the children in a case that involves serious allegations of child sex abuse and infanticide currently happening in Hampstead schools and churches. We are informed that many people are independently researching deeply into this case and finding rather significant links to money laundering, child trafficking and high-ranking officials within the UK government. This is our chance to become knowledgeable about this case and the many others happening now throughout the world and start to do something about these death cults that are currently enslaving the earth. This pod cast does not seek condemnation for the members of these dark satanic cults; on the contrary, Ella and Abraham offer a ray of hope for all the victims/perpetrators trapped in these death cults through his scientific work in the field of plant based blood transfusions and nutrition. We all (Ella, Abraham, Paul and Mindy) feel that the ideal situation would be for these practices to STOP and for all of us to “ascend together.”

For more information regarding this case and others like it:


http://whistleblowerkids.files.wordpr... Ella and Abraham's new website coming soon.


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