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The Pedophiles are going down hard 2017. The veil is lifting... We SEE you !!

              Video:  474 Pedophiles Arrested in California Feb 2nd 2017

Published by John919 on Feb 4, 2017
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced 474 pedophiles have been arrested and 55 victims have been rescued in a MASSIVE Southern California Child Trafficking sting dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”.  At 22:04 seconds in this video you will hear him announce that 70% of these Children come from Foster Care 

A small selection of articles. Pedophile arrests since January 20, 2017: 

February 2017. USA.  Hundreds Arrested In Huge Los Angeles Pedo Ring Bust

February 2017. USA  Increased Rates of Pedophile Arrests in 2017

February 2017. USA.  Feds Make Record Gains On Human Trafficking As Global Networks Broken Up

February 2017. USA.  Unreported: 1,500 pedophile arrests made nationally since Trump took office

February 2017. USA.  Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump; MSM Completely Ignores

February 2017. USA.  Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump's Sex Trafficking Busts
                                    and here on Free Republic  (easier to view)

March 2017. USA. First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty

April 2017. USA.  3000 Pedophiles Arrested Since Trump Took Office, Media Remains Silent

May 2017. Europe, USA.  Police arrest 870 suspected paedophiles and rescue hundreds of children after smashing international internet ring

May 2017.  Europe, USA.  900 suspected pedophiles arrested as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed for 30yrs

May 2017. Europe, USA.  Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests: police

May 2017. Europe, USA.  Europol, FBI arrest nearly 900 in crackdown on global pedophile ring

May 2017. Washington DC. Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved — Corporate Media Ignores It

May 2017. USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain,UK.  Massive online pedophile ring busted by the cops.

May 2017. USA.  Bill de Blasio staffer arrested on child pornography charges: Report

June 2017. USA, UK, Europe.  Are the MSM Purposely Avoiding Coverage on Pedophile Arrests?

June 2017. USA.  238 Arrested In Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust

June 2017. UK.  Judge's horror over 'truly horrific' 170-page 'paedophile manual' which teaches sex abusers how to groom and abuse children

June 2017. New Zealand.  NZ police help rescue 31 kids from global paedo ring after Christchurch man's arrest

July 2017. Europe.  German Police Arrest ‘High Level Politicians’ In Major Pedophile Ring Bust

July 2017. Europe, USA.  High-Level Politicians Arrested in HUGE Pedophile Sting

August 2017. Wales UK.  Ian Watkins: Police missed chances to catch paedophile rock star years before arrest, report finds

August 2017. Israel.  22 suspected pedophiles arrested in nationwide raids

September 2017. Thailand, USA.  Alleged American paedophile arrested in Samui

October 9, 2017. Australia, Europe, Canada. The Dark Web's Largest Pedophile Site Was Secretly Run By The Police For A Year

October 10, 2017. Germany.  DARK NET RESCUE Mum’s partner arrested as cops save girl, 4, seen in Dark Web paedo vids after she turns him in

October, 2017. USA. Violent Crimes Against Children News  (FBI website. Constantly updated.)

October 2017. International. Pedophiles.  New York Post. Constantly updated.

The arrest of Christchurch man Drew Webb led to the discovery of the child sex ring on the dark net. Photo / Facebook
The arrest of Christchurch (New Zealand) man Drew Webb led to the discovery of the child sex ring on the dark net. Photo / Facebook. Webb, who was jailed last year, was facilitating the group and importing and distributing images and film of children being abused, included toddlers and babies. 

Companion piece: May 2016
New Zealand child sex abuse case results in worldwide arrests and child rescues

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