Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Partial disclosure, Las Vegas smokescreens MGM insider trading, Harvey Weinstein.

Video: Watching "To The Stars" Partial Disclosure event Live

Destroying The Illusion on October 11, 2017
@ Jordan Sather on Facebook
@ Destroying the Illusion on Facebook
Source: To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science - propagator of half-truths and information manipulators.

Video: Robert Steele -- MGM Execs Made $190M On Insider Trading -Las Vegas Update
Published by Victurus Libertas VL on October 6, 2017

Robert Steele discusses further Las Vegas "Perhaps an act of war, perhaps an act of terror" and MGM Executives knew what was coming. Insider trading before the attack.

Video: BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 10/11/17: He is fighting for America and the working man
Published by Shayetet on Oct 11, 2017
Tucker: "Time for Justice Department to investigate Weinstein."

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