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DEFY and DEFEAT Babylon! Step up "Sovereign Man" - Take it back !!

Mind, Body, Soul... 

by Una Wendt  - October 8, 2017

The next level of this ‘game’ is to take the battle to the internal and infernal realms, seriously! It is time to get deep and regain control of the inner kingdom now – this is where the bigger game is really being played. There are things inside of you raging war in your temple… time to cut off that which sustains them.

We do not have to choose to simply grow older and weaker – there has been and always will be an alternative to fearing the next decade (decayed).

As our own masters we need to collectively and singularly expose the great deception and programming being dumped upon humanity, and see it transfigured via sovereign empowerment - knowing how powerful we truly are. 

Myself, I did not come here to just get older and watch the people of this planet struggle – the fact that we are born here in the first place means that we are all fully deserving of our place here and an equal share in the joys and abundant fruits of this beautiful blue spiritsphere.

Visualising how the great energy moves around us, within us, vibrates, circulates, permeates… is the fundamental step in actually being able to then sense it, feel it, see it, touch it, ground it, align it, move it, control it, use it, keep it, benefit from it…

Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz 

Commentary by BronnyNZ

Hi Una. I totally support you. I really enjoyed hearing your personal reflections and expressions of what Universe has spoken to you. It supports my idea that Universal Consciousness speaks to thousands of us in our hearts directly every day. Thank you   <3

We are all looking through different faces of the same prism. Here's my thoughts that relate to aging. I do think aging is a crock sold to us by #ThePriesthood ref: Anastasia, the Ringing Cedars books. The controllers of this world have maintained slave control over humanity for millennia. What happens to slaves? They are bowed under the neck yoke so ill-health and old age set in fast. 

I'm 56. I remember as a child the appearance of my own grandparents both born around 1900 who even in their 60s, looked OLD! They had lived through two world wars, my grandmother had no domestic push-button appliances to run the household, and my grandfather spent a good chunk of his life in employment doing things like dig ditches by hand to create the infrastructure that NZ needed - for electricity power poles.

See this discussion entitled Life essence embodies every cell.

Before the 1800s (industrial age) in the old countries and now in the 2000s, we see how people naturally grow to a great old age. In Scotland for example - one of my motherlands, people got to a ripe old age in their own country in the 1800s where the infrastructure was already established. We also know of other examples in the so-called "third world" where people live easily until they're well past 100 years - in Peru and Bolivia, in Nepal and Tibet, in Siberia and Italy...

I think what the Bible says is an absolute crock! I think it's predictive programming. The Bible say that people live until they are "three score years and ten" - age 70. I think people believed this, gave their intent and thought to aging, continued on into decrepitude in their 60s and by age 70 were being put into the ground. The reason for this predictive programming I think is this:

When people die after only 60 or 70 years old, they can't see (witness) the cycling and re-cyling of the same old magic tricks that have been done by The Priesthood - the magicians who up until recently, controlled events on Earth. Now that we are living longer once again, people are seeing how the magic tricks are done. eg: Every 7 years like clockwork, there has been a financial crash to varying degrees in September-October. The last one was 2008. In 2015, the Priesthood were unable to pull it off... Way too many people had become aware of the "Year of the Shemitah" and the "Year of Jubilee" in the Hebrew calendar. 2015 was the first year ever, since the late 1800s that there has not been a stock market crash on the 7th year. This alone tells me how many people and how quickly, are seeing the magic trick. And YES! We are more literate now all over the world compared to any other time in history, and we ARE living longer.

 Myself (for example) in the mid-1980s made a pact with myself at age 26 to not age. Even in the 1980s something clicked within me that aging is a crock. Somewhere along the way I heard scientists saying that we replace all of our bodily cells every 7 years. So there's actually no need for us to age. I've maintained that way of thinking for the last 35 years and I think the results of an adjusted way of thinking speaks for itself. The first photo is of myself aged 47 in 2008 (nearly 10 years ago). The second photo was taken in 2015 age 54 - after only 5 hours sleep I might add (not at my best).


You can see from these two photos that the aging process for me is going very slowly. I'm not discussing this from a "vanity" point of view, but in relation to what you say above Una... "Take the battle to the internal realms" - ie: Self Talk. "Take the battle to the infernal realms" - ie: The Priesthood - this world's controllers.

That's right - growing "older and weaker" IS a choice !! I worked as a checkout chick for a while... One day, a visibly old woman arrived at my checkout and was hauling her large items of groceries and bags around with the fitness of an 18 year old. I commented on this to the old lady and she replied with a smile. "I'm 86 years old dear... My husband has been very unwell for the last 15 years, so I do everything around the house and gardens - even mow the lawns. It keeps me fit and well." She clearly illustrated how "the number" triggers something inside of us to lie down and die... and there are implications for this at the macro-system level, as mentioned above, re: the tricks and lies #ThePriesthood can pull off!



That's right. The programming making us believe this or that about ourselves (eg: aging, decrepitude) needs to be challenged from WITHIN OURSELVES !! That IS where the greatest battle is fought and won! Inside! We individually and collectively need to own up to the responsibility that for too long, we have taken the soft option and THOUGHT ourselves into an early grave! It is programming! It is only through moving our thoughts to an "as if king or queen" status (sovereign) and no longer accept ourselves as the hired help, that we can move into "I AM King or Queen" of my whole life, status. "Fake it until you make it."

When we shift into "I AM King or Queen", the intolerable is no longer tolerable! Long work hours are no longer tolerable carrying out slave labour for an employer; being told how to live by a religious institution is no longer tolerable; living under ridiculous arbitrary laws our government passes is no longer are tolerable... and so on. 

This attitude applies to every part of life. This attitude predicates whether we are going to accept what our television news spews out to us every night, whether we are going to accept the scam that is the 20th century mortgage, and whether we are going to idolise Hollywood "super-stars" to the point where we deny our own personal sovereignty - "I Am King or Queen" of ME - inside of me.

In the very act of idolising another human being, we hand over our personal Sovereign status. We say "you are greater than me" - you have better ideas - you are more attractive... I give you the right to tell me (by your example) how to live my life and who I should be !! (eg: Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, and countless others).

By falling into the trap of allowing other people (eg: teachers, parents, idols) to tell you who you are and what you are supposed to accept, you abdicate your life... your personal responsibility to be the "brains" and the moral compass for you. This abdication of your personal sovereign self shows up in life in all sorts of ways. For example: 
  • allowing your bank manager to dictate the terms of your mortgage to you
  • your employer telling you what you must agree to in your employment contract
  • allowing your supermarket to sell you poison instead of actual FOOD
By abdicating your throne, you've just arsed over on the banana skin of life - by not sitting firmly in the seat of your own personal sovereignty!  I AM !!  Points to think about... Thanks Una. 

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