Thursday 13 April 2017

Putin says, "It's illogical that Assad used sarin gas on his own people."

All screenshots are taken from the Eurasia Daily video.

"What is your view on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, with side do you think used them? And what is your analysis on this situation in Syria?"

 "You are well aware of my position on the use of any weapons of mass destruction, which includes chemical weapons."

"We absolutely deplore the use of such weapons, and in cases where it is proven, we participate in the consolidation action toward the eradication of these weapons."

 "As you will be aware, the Syrian government has in the past appealed to the international community to come and inspect the sites in which it was found that rebels had used chemical weapons."

 "This call was not answered."

 "The reaction came from the international community, only during the last time that those weapons were used."

 "I'd like to think that common sense speaks for itself."

"The Syrian army was on the offensive, in some places they had surrounded the rebels enitirely. For them to suddenly give away the trump card to those who continually call for regime change, is frankly, a crock of shit."

 "It is completely illogical, especially as it took place during the visit of a UN observer."

 "I am more than assured that this was simply provocation on behalf of those that wuld like to pull other countries into this war, that would like to garner support from other militaries - the US primarily."

 "When it comes to the position of our American friends..."

They keep saying that Syrian government forces were the ones that had used chemical weapons, and that they have evidence..."

"Well then, show us the eveidence, show the UN observers and show us at the Security Council."

 "Saying that you have evidence, but it is secret and not available for scrutiny, it's simply disrespectful to your partners in the international community."

 "If evidence exists, it must be shown. If it is not shown, then it does not exist."

"Alluding to some intercepted conversation, which prove absolutely nothing at all, cannot serve as justification to attack a sovereign country."

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