Wednesday 19 April 2017

FAKE NEWS: FRANCE RIOTS have NOTHING to do with open doors immigration policy. Thanks Angela Merkel and EU cronies for implementing the Kalergi Plan!

 All images are linked to the video. This happened around a year ago. It is thought that these actions relate to a Palestinian march held in 2016. This footage was taken from an upstairs apartment in Paris. 

Over the weekend 30,000 pro-Marine Le Penn accounts on Facebook were closed. The current French administration doesn't want their own people to see what's really going on. They don't want people to share the message of Marine Le Penn. They want to pretend that the current open door immigration policies are working in France. Clearly, these policies are not working. 

Note: The French audience on this blog is second only to the American audience of 100s of millions of people. Censorship is so bad in France that the French people have
to resort to finding information about their own country on a small New Zealand blog like mine... That truly is terrible !!!!!  :(  :(   FRANCE !!! We are not impressed !!!

Video. BREAKING : EU Panic - France Slips Into Nationalism, 30,000 FB Accounts Banned & More PARIS Footage

 Young French men are running back along the street. They are running away from something...

 The young French men run at speed towards a small line of French police dressed up in riot gear...

 The police line opens up and the young men run right through...

 The police knowingly let the young French men through. That is, these two parties are on the same side.

The French police come up the street. Face guards are down and shields are up... Who is the enemy they are facing off with far up the road? Who is it that the first vanguard of young French men were running from?

Ah! There they are. Dark-skinned Africans and Arabs wearing scarves over their heads holding all kinds of make-shift projectiles and weapons.

 The young French men approach again, backing up the police who went up in front of them...

Anything that moves becomes a weapon...  chairs, table legs, bottles, glass, stones, cement...  
Hand-thrown projectiles are flying from both sides.

That was just another day in Paris France...  Nothing to see here.

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