Friday 18 November 2016

The Global Corporate cabal is TORN ASSUNDER !! Messages from the hologram!


This is only 250kms (180m) south of the CAPITAL. The global CAPITAL has been torn asunder on 14-11-2016 ever since the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the USA on 8-11-2016. The number 45 reduces to 4+5 = 9 in numerology - the end of the cycle !! >> and this is quite a major one since it arrives smack bang in the middle of the "Year of the Shemitah" #BabylonianMagic tool.

Mother Gaia never lies #HolographicUniverse The CAPITAL has been torn asunder !!! #GlobalistMoneyAgenda #CorporateBankingMoneyAgenda #NWO Gone! Gone !!! It is doomed !! Tolkien didn't call it "Mount Doom" for nothing. We have "sur-mounted" DOOM and all the people and co-creators of the earth have the VICTORY !!! The land of the Hobbits is the first to see the dawing of the new day for all of earth's inhabitants !! #HolographicClues We are cracked but we are not broken. We rise VICTORIOUSLY from the peril that was so close to swallowing us whole.

And now for more messages from the hologram  >>

_ _ _

The stock (market) has taken quite a hit !!  #HolographicUniverse  Look at all the blood-suckers on the floor whose stock has now crashed !!!  #HolographicClues  The hologram tells us no lies!  The blood suckers are writhing on the floor as we speak !!  Why didn't this photographer edit out all the "personals"? - the sanitary pads and tampons? Because he wasn't supposed to !! They are all front and centre so we don't miss them!  #TheHologramSpeaks

What time is it on planet earth? Are we still in the "11th hour" ??  HELL NO !! 

The time now is 2 minutes past midnight >> 00:02

That's the time this major earthquake happened in New Zeal-And... ??? 
>> what happens next? Blank canvas! We co-create it from here on in!

The earthquake which was a huge 7.4 in magnitude = 11 in numerology. The perfect most auspicious number ever !!  

See the video following see the amazingness of how #TheHologram speaks to us on this!  
Video: @4:00  (the clock chimes twice - which to me indicates the minutes past midnight).  Trump Predicted in 2012 by I Pet Goat ii

Trump Predicted in 2012 by I Pet Goat ii

Published on Nov 9, 2016

_ _ _ _ _

Translation: All crises have been averted  

(1) The TPP is now in the bin in NZ. It was signed by the NZ government on Wednesday afternoon - because NZ politicians are idiots and don't realise (yet!) they actually get their marching orders from the USA - and that Donald Trump has been saying for the last 18 months, "When I am elected President, the TPP is gone! It's a bad deal. It's very bad for America. It's very bad for business. It's gone."  Wakey wakey NZ MPs. So sorry about that #NWOmuppetNZPMJohnKey  "You're FIRED!" 

(2) The US mainstream media is being muzzled. Alternative media now has more listeners than the mainstream. eg: In the week building up to the US election Alex Jones #InfoWars had 90,000,000 views on their videos alone (not counting podcasts, print material or other media they put out - this is for videos only!)  #Breitbart is now the media outlet of choice for Donald Trump. It looks like Trump is ditching the MSM and will be allowing Breitbart first entry on any stories coming from the White House. 

(3) The USA President Elect is offering friendly relations with Russia. No more "cold war" (a meme first coined by #NWO operative George Orwell) and there will be no more talk or actuality of cold war !!

(4) A plan is swiftly developing for the USA, Russia and Syria to put down ISIS terrorists FOREVER !! This means:

(5) The raving, ignorant, violent, rapist Muslim immigrants from Arab and African areas who arrived in Europe over the last 10 years will now be deported back to their own countries. Note: most of these "refugees" *cough cough* are predominantly young males (75% male) and they are not from war zones !!! They actually are ECONOMIC OPPORTUNISTS who only ever went to Europe for a social welfare check. Check out their label clothing and shoes, their latest iPhones, and how many drugs they are dealing !! Not poor. Not desperate. Hardly not even Muslim with all that brain-fucking they're doing (massive drugs problems), and yet they're still happy to go out and gang-rape a white woman like the Quran tells them to!! *good little Muslims* Look up: gang rape game "taharrush"
(6) The UN is in the throes of being torn down. Donald Trump is no lover of the institution of EU.  Trump most certainly advocates for national sovereignty, ie: a country runs their country how they want to and not under the dictates of some parliament the people have never voted for. Note: the EU Parliament MPs have never been voted for by the people of the EU member countries!!!  

(7) Merkel, Holland, Junker and all their #NWOmuppet colleagues are all shitting their pants. 

(8) Nigel Farage has been appointed by Donald Trump to represent him in the EU parliament. Did you see Nigel Farage over #Brexit ?? The EU doesn't stand a chance! #GlobalistsFuckOff  #KalergiPlan (1922) - Fuck off !!!

(9) There will be no more wars perpetrated by evil Satanist agendas  >>
*give me blood... Baphomet demands more blood... * 

(10) The people of the world are starting to get their act together. And about flaming time !!! (not our fault btw.)
- And now, we actually can !!  >> It's time to take back our Motherlands !!!

Russia is gifting its people 1 hectare (2.4 acres) per family. May 1, 2016 legislation passed in Russia.

Humanity! Take back your Land!

Get your head around the 
global rEVOLution that is 
happening right now !!!

Here is the global revolution you haven't heard about yet >>

Image result for INFOWARS The Alex Jones Show
Streamed live 6 hours ago


See Alex Jones from 15:00. So true !! I was feeling this supremely yesterday too. YES! YES! YES!! I am totally feeling what Alex says as well. Have you also been feeling this too in the last few days? Comment below.

And Jones is absolutely right... THIS is exactly what the #BabylonianPriesthood don't want for people to feel and know. As soon as we STOP thinking our negative thoughts and realise with clarity that the #GlobalistCabal is now in ruins, they fall much harder and faster !!!

Visualise this now >>> The Global Financial Cabal HAS FALLEN !!!! (past tense) The Globalists HAVE FALLEN !!!

Article posted November 18, 2016 (NZ date-time). Video on this link published November 8, 2016. 
And now Alex Jones also stands on this knowing - just 6 hours ago !!

The hologram shows us what is happening !!

Start paying attention !!

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  1. So Beautifully written dear Sister!

    We take back our planet!

    Vedrus Radomir

    1. Thanks Vedrus. I appreciate the feedback <3

    2. I'm glad you could get past the "expressive" language ;)


  2. Yes...the flashing lights in the sky...and an extraordinary 2 quakes at once lasting about 1 and a half minutes. Extraordinary indeed.
    I wouldnt put anything past the NZ Primeminister...he is of Obama and banking cabaal ilk for sure...and had just met with US Kerry...and signed the TPP against NZers wishes.
    And answer this...NZ produces its own why is petrol $2 a litre...thats about $7 a gallon.
    They have been investigating the oil deposits around Kaikoura for over a year..maybe 3 years?...and it is believed the fracking of these oil deposits is what caused the Christchurch quakes a few years ago. They know exactly what theyre doing..and probably decided that because the population in this affected area of the South Island NZ is sparse that its worth the risk!
    Again, I wouldnt put anything past the evil greedy cabaal, of which the NZ PM John Key is a member!
    NZ government is so corrupt that they dont even register as corrupt on the list of corrupt countries....seriously this is be that corrupt that it is hidden from view!
    Opinion and belief.
    Fogive me that I have posted a cut and paste form my YouTube post...It was just easier.
    now I will add a bit more....
    The Boom ship was off the coast of Kaikoura before and during the 7.8 quake.
    There is no such thing as coincidence.

    1. Yes. There were "coincidences" in there and I certainly know the game can be played like this. Why do we pay so much for petrol? Because the extraction companies are not NZ owned. We only get 1-2% from the sale of any crude (don't quote this figure), but it's very low. Lights in the sky are normal. 2 quakes could be considered 'normal' since the Tonga-Kermadec and Australia plates in Kaikoura give rise to around 50 major and minor fault lines in that 100 miles stretch of road. PM John Key's last job was with Merrill Lynch. He's a banker through and through and likely has dual citizenships with NZ-USA. He's Jewish by matriarchy. His children pose naked and suggestively *not brought up with a clearly defined range of morals* (typical behaviour for young AshkeNazis i've noticed).

      Fracking permits? Longer. 2011 and possibly before >>
      "Fracking permits issued in Canterbury NZ 2011"
      A map of offshore oil mining permits here >>
      A map of offshore fracking permits here >>

      As you see, to access these zones you don't need an earthquake - just a boat. In fact, "causing" an earthquake is counter-intuitive because now there are no transport lines. State Highway 1 and the "main trunk line" are both now fucked. Christchurch earthquake February 2011 ?? The fracking permits were issued December 10, 2011. Your "logic" doesn't stack up. Please pay attention.

      "They" do know what they're doing. But for this event... Isn't it possible that the NZ Tonga-Kermadec and Australian plates just did what the Tonga-Kermadec Australian plates have always done? Ref: Captain James Cook late 18th century dubbed Aotearoa-NZ "the shaky isles". That's because they are. Nothing's changed.

      The cabal are greedy, granted. PM John Key is most definitely a plant. Key used to be an adviser to the US Federal Reserve Bank 1999-2001 Alan Greenspan era. "The Fed" is a privately owned bank, owned and run by predominantly Jewish bankers; the same ones in fact who likely own and run the NZ Reserve Bank. Does NZ print its own money? No. We are brought and paid for by the "Crown Corporation" City of London banksters, aka "The Crown" >>
      "Introduction to "The Crown Corporation" by 'I am sovereign' on fb" published August 14, 2013 - It's all part of the World Bank, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) cabal - all set up at Bretton Woods in June-July 1944 while the "British allies" were still standing in the trenches of Europe, up to their ankles in their own shit. Yeah... really nice guys !! NZ PM John "the smiling assassin" Key is one of them.

      Other countries are definitely more corrupt - Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA, UK...
      Copy-paste is efficient. "Boom ship" was not necessary. The mining permits are all offshore.
      The area is a network of spider-veins that are all fault lines.



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