Wednesday 9 November 2016

"Congratulations United States and the rest of the world with the only choice available worth taking..."


by Kjetil Dreyer
- original in Norwegian language on Kjetil's Facebook timeline
- Translation by Google. Edited by BronnyNZSE

Trump for president would mean a lot of changes, not all positive for everyone, but for the world as a whole will this mean a period of peace. I think after Trump has his 4-8 years that the world don't want another warrior. Trump wants good relations with those countries who want it with them. It means closer cooperation with Putin and Russia, China and a number of other countries.

It means so much to the whole world and not just the United States. I'm so glad this was the outcome and that Clinton now can rest her frail body - The elite's persistent struggle to choose another one of their candidates. Many, many years are over for now, and maybe forever as the people now are so much more awake than they were before this campaign started.

This is massively positive and although the media in Norway and Norway have send over a billion dollars of our money into the Clinton's loss, so we won't cry over spilt milk. But one day and maybe at the next Prime Minister election, we will take power back from the Norwegian dirty elite and mumbo jumbos and change the system in this country too...

A beautiful day... Maybe i am running for PM candidacy in Norway without any party affiliation and see how far we as a people can reach collective [co-creation?]. But it won't be today and not in the coming years, and maybe we can avoid such drastic measures like that, too.

If I had been prime minister for Norway, the following will happen:

1. All the arable land in Norway that sits unused and is State-owned (or can be bought by the government) that is wild would be dispensed to the Norwegian population after the dacha method in Russia. 50% of the year has its inhabitants grow organic food on sustainable land for himself and the rest of the population.

2. All electricity will be free and based on solar, wind, waves and storms. Government will get the check and free the people.

3. an extremely accelerated plan to build down the oil industry and bring in all sorts of other sustainable natural methods of production of plastic (Hempplast) and adre products. Norway will be innovative within all of natural production, liberating technology, quality production of raw materials, organic cultivation, supplier to other countries of surplus electricity.

4. 0 Power Station

5. 0 Nuclear Reactor

6. We will not produce weapons anymore. Kongsbergs factories on change production or lay down / move.

7. No wars would be arranged.

8. Nobel Peace prize is not shared out to despoter anymore to say it like that

9. Pharmacy industries will be controlled and highly restricted and only used in acute cases if the herbal medicines industry can't help.

10. ALL pharmacy assailed must have at least 2 years of studies within the vegetal and all pharmacy should have at least 50% Herbal remedies.

11. Innovation will be in the front seat. The government must create sustainable green and nature friendly / altruistic innovation.

12. It will be added to influence and strong incentive form of eco smartbyer in country with communities with focus on peace, cooperation and coexistence / samskapelse.

13. All corruption will be punished after absolutely strictest frames, (not) with prison a big fines and loss of titles and seniority.

14. People will get their own collective reconciliation page who will determine the direction in different themes there enough information, documentation and information will be available for every single vote and where there is no law to influence public opinion in one direction neither of media or movements and there. Everyone must have liked the basis to vote with full name (and only once). Everything will be online with particularly strong cryptology and regularly review of code system so that the voices can never be affected. There are methods for this today. On the way we get a real democracy and not a quasi democracy who really are old communist policies as we have today.

15. I don't want to feel as prime minister. All Minister Jobs will close and I'd introduce responsible leaders and or facilitators (name is insignificant on these posts, but it will be called something other than Minister). These people should be men and women of action and have shown through a wise life that they are worthy of such a leadership position (department Responsibility / responsibility for area) and will respond to the will of the people. Unless this is detriment to another part of the population and then not Make the big picture.

16. The Constitution to be followed and possibly enhance people's freedom, freedom of speech and people's social responsibility should be understood by all.

17. All people who are taken into the country as an immigrant to be integrated, trained and accept the Norwegian culture, at the same time as they will be able to keep his own as long as it doesn't hurt other cultures or other people, is oppressive and discriminatory or too dominant.

18. Norwegian law to match in Norway, but Act's sections taken. We will have one by one by an Elder Council with much wisdom.

19. EEA agreement be canceled. Cooperation agreements and trade agreements in other countries are made and it should be win / win in all settings and simple clean rules for flow of both needed labor, import and export.

20. World Passport for everybody to Endeavouring but with clear terms for behaviors and with quarantine or time penalty without passport if citizen can't behave international and coexist in peace with other citizens.

21. Cooperate with other nations and take initiative to develop a universal resource management program and resource distribution program in harmony and justice with a focus on sustainability with input elements and regularly check for all the world's resources, flow of these resources and use of these resources.

22. Gas and diesel cars forbidden and recycled / replaced in 2025 with a good repurchase price for all citizens so that they don't feel run over. Allowed trucks get hydrogen, EVs, saltwater cars and other cars with clean technology and 0 emission.

23. rubber Tires should not be made of oil, but hemp or other materials and be 100 % recyclable within 20 xx... (not allowed in Norway)

24. All stores to introduce organic green where it is possible to find and organic food to take prices down and subsidies of authorities if there is no profit in a start phase in stores to take the change.

25. 0 Import of foreign oil

26. Revision of all banks in the country looking for abuse of the population. High interest loans will not be allowed.

27. All citizens in this country gets a basic salary as we'll implement technology and robots to do much of it as work or create wear on people, goes beyond health etc. All citizens should have a week stuck regardless of whether they work or not. No one will be able to mooch off the system, simple clean lines. Nav close and being named eco balance instead.

28. Green Technology to boost and financed to success. Party like

29. oil Fund taken of the exchange and will be used to buy up and back silver and gold reserves for then to start a new bank outside private hands to kiss with equal share of everyone in the Norwegian population and profits distributed out annually to all their owners. Nobody gets permission to borrow over the ability of the bank, but I want everybody to have enough to expand as a person. As Co-owners will you protect the bank's interests or we'll lose the right to return if you homeowner defaults loans etc. Low interest rate on loans and opportunity to interest and installments in given periods of the year where it can be documented economic challenges. The Bank will be at the hospital and 1:1 in real values as gold, Silver, arable land and land, property, build with charter etc etc and it should never be allowed that the bank gets too greedy and profit prancing. Direction of the bank to be voting out of the people through the collective reconciliation channel (a channel).

30. All parties get cancelled. It shouldn't exist something party system anymore because parties separated! On the other hand cooperative groups, think tank (people's) with full transparency and translucency and full disclosure where everyone can go live if they want it and be about to vote live on different actions think tank comes with real time.

We can start with this, but I have plenty of other measures and ideas, maybe you have some good ideas too? 
"Be with them..."

And you naysayers and Jante love riders, please to not spread anything negative and bring your gunk, I promise to delete you from comments. I want nothing but positive spin or be constructive in this thread. Now consider yourselves warned. ;)

by Kjetil Dreyer

This response from Kjetil is in reference to this article in the New York Times - a response to the US election result.
November 8, 2016

"Take back your Motherland"

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