Monday 14 November 2016

Messages from the HOLOGRAM. Trump wins presidency! NZ earthquake Nov 2016.

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On this day November 14, 2016 at 12:02am - New Zealand

Ok... Earthquakes. There's a pattern here that you won't be aware of. Let's talk about "God", heaven, earth and the hologram for a little while. All of this is in relation to the 7.4M earthquake that shook our capital to the core last night 12:02am.  Are you ready to come with me down the rabbit hole?  - by BronnyNZSE

What's really going on?

Let's first of all start off with the premise that in the Bible, in the Gospels, there are hidden messages... many of them.  One of these hidden message (esoteric mystery school if you like) is a hint at how the holographic universe works.  It's found in the words that Christians the world over are brought up with:  "The Lord's prayer".
The particular phrase I refer to is:

"On earth as it is in heaven..."

What are the hidden secrets that the speaker of these words is trying to tell us - quite possibly the Pythagorean philosopher named Apollonius of Tyana...  Find out more about this amazing healer, philosopher and humanitarian teacher here

Yes... Apollonius is the guy who was teaching around southern Judea at the time of the Roman occupation between c.32-36 CE in his long white linen robes, his bare feet, his long hair and his attractive good looks that everyone was drawn to. He was celibate. He took no wife and ate no meat, drank no wine, and didn't touch anything to do with dead animals - hence the linen garments and the bare feet. All of these things are in accordance with the Pythagoreanism to which he was so devout. In the Pythagorean temple offerings, no animal was ever sacrificed. Your offering was the fruits of the earth. This was a most worth offering to bring to the Creator. You see this guy Apollonius in 1,000,000s of paintings all over the world. I always thought it was strange how the Jewish "Iesus Christus" with the Roman name had long hair, even though the Jewish teaching tells us that it's an abomination for a man to have long hair, like a woman. Something didn't fit.

Apollonius of Tyana (a moderate sized town in Greek Anatolia, a Roman province in now modern-day Turkey) was the guy who utterly transformed the thinking of 100,000s of people in the Mediterranean world so much so, that 16 temples were erected in his memory, temples established to the "true religion" he taught of the brotherhood of man and the ability of all humans, slave or free, male or female, prostitute or priest, to have a direct relationship with God if they want to. He showed them how... and he healed them... and he told them stories of his own life that he turned into allegories so the people could understand.  Eg: the story of the rich man with two sons. One son who wasted his inheritance, and the second son who put it to good use. This is one of the stories from Apollonius' own life.

And how is it that none of these 16 temples remained after the second century CE ??  - That's right... They were all pulled down by the Romans - by the elite families of Rome. It's very hard to recruit an army and create an empire when all the soldiers have found the Love of God. The philosophies of Apollonius stood in the way of Rome. Apollonius' memory had to be destroyed.

- And where did the biographies of this man go? There were at least two biographies written of him - one by his travelling companion, a man named Damis which was written during Apollonius' lifetime; and a second great and scholarly work which was commissioned by the Empress Julia Domna c.190 CE. It was penned by one Philostratus, an historian and a scholar, and something of a modern day investigative journalist. It was up to him to find all traces of Apollonius before his memory was destroyed completely, and to put it into one great volume. Philostratus completed his task after around 20 years, during which time he travelled and found as many eye witness accounts as he could, as handed down to the descendants of people who had been in direct contact with the great philosopher and healer.

Where have these biographies gone ??  Gone! Gone! Gone!

The Romans burned them. That's where they've gone to.  A copy of "The Life of Appolonius of Tyana" by Philostratus was smuggled into Arabia before the Library of Alexandria was burned. Such attempted burnings of the Library were not uncommon. This was yet another occasion it was attempted, as the Roman elites tried to cover up the true histories and mysteries of various scholars, teachers, historians and scientists from time immemorial.

With this pre-amble out of the way to clarify whose mouth these words are are very likely to have come out of, I will continue...
_ _ _

So what do these words in the New Testament refer to?

"Thy kingdom come... Thy will be done... on earth as it is in heaven."

First question:  What is God's 'kingdom'?
And the eternal question of ages: Who or what is "God"?

I posit that man in his unique capacity to distill all things down into its smallest common denominator in his attempt to explain phenomena and matter to fit into his own limited reasoning, has in fact decided that "God" is a type of "man". Check this out...  "The Lord He is God..."  I haven't quoted this directly, but the Bible is full of such verses.  So tell me this...  Since when did "God" get a penis ??  I rest my case here. I'll let you ponder the anomalies for yourself of this "God" character who looks like, acts like, responds, speaks like, thinks like, can even impregnate a woman (yes truly,  "God" has got a dick!) - just like a puny little non-multidimensional (man), restricted in his thinking capacity (man), is controlled by his passions and desires (man), thinks he has the right to judge whatever he doesn't like (man), and goes around killing people just because somebody or some inner demon told him to (man).  None of those qualities are God-Creator !!  So I ask you - Who made that sheite up ???

No wonder the Bible says, "God made man in his image". That certainly gives all the priests and theologians of various religions throughout the world license to pretend that "The Indefinable" thinks, acts, talks like, has the judgements and frailties (eg: jealousy, anger, favouritism) of humans! Impossible !!!  Those sorts of verses all by themselves show us the extent to which we humans ourselves have demeaned and belittled That which can never be understood. It truly is "indefinable". Therefore, why have these priests conned us into believing "It" can be defined? Anyone that tells you how God is, is just a liar.  Bottom line...  we can't really know !! The best we can do is have a fairly good crack at it. But as soon as you're defining The Indefinable in terms of human nature, characteristics and qualities, you've started paddling into a back-water again. You're no longer in the free-flow of the stream...
_ _ _

Ok.  It now appears that we've decided that The Indefinable is nothing like a man - neither in appearance nor in genitalia, neither in attitudes, actions, limitation of all space and time - ie: That which is Indefinable is not limited by space and time. The Indefinable is not limited by any knowledge nor by any dimension. It is indeed Limitless.  So what kind of a house does it live in?

Is that a strange question?  Well... I only ask it because we now turn to our second question which is, "What is the 'kingdom' of 'God'?" and what is this "kingdom" that it is coming towards us?  Is that what "Thy kingdom come..." means?  Does it mean the "kingdom" of 'God' is on its way.  Ok...  So WHAT is this "kingdom" now that we have decided that The Indefinable is nothing like a man - neither in appearance nor in genitalia, neither in attitudes, actions, limitation of all space and time - ie: That which is Indefinable is not limited by space and time. The Indefinable is not limited by any knowledge nor by any dimension. It is indeed Limitless.

So what is this "kingdom"?

I postulate (once again) that it is a "condition"  ... a set of circumstances, a particular sort of mindset, a way of being, a decision to take these types of actions and not these others...  In a nutshell, is the "kingdom" Love?  And when I say "Love", i'm as far away from putting appendages inside other people or objects as you can possibly get.  You all know what altruistic Love is... Helping an older person across the road, paying for the part of somebody's groceries they don't have the money for themselves, looking after your pet and making sure it has a good life, feeding your husband and children delicious, nutritious food because you want them to have the best life and health forever and ever, staring into your beloved's eyes and telling her you can see the whole Universe in them.  That is Love.  And this I feel is the "condition" or "kingdom" that this verse is referring to.

Now that we have discovered these two things, the third question is very easy to answer: What is "thy will"?
Easy:  Love.
_ _ _

Ok. We are doing well.  Moving right along...
And now we come to the central point of focus for this discussion:  What is meant by "on earth as it is in heaven"?

Obviously, we can look at this from the point of view of:  God wants Love to prevail on earth in the same way that Love prevails in heaven. Ok. We haven't even discussed "heaven" yet, so let's think for a moment what "heaven" is  ???

Is it a place?  - How could it be?  Creator is The Indefinable and does not exist within the confines of any time, space, dimension, frequency, or any other detected or undetected phenomenal "place" currently nor in the future found by science.  Does "heaven" mean a castle or a palace of some kind? How could it? The Indefinable doesn't need a pillow on which to rest a head... because there is no head... And there doesn't need to be a banquet hall all decked out with holly and Christmas lanterns and candles of every colour of the rainbow, because there is no mouth, no stomach to fill, no lips with which honey mead, ambrosia, nor the red blood of the Christ wine can be sipped !! All of that is just a lie taught to us by a bunch of tricky Magicians.

Ok. It feels like a dead end. So what could this verse mean then?  😕
_ _ _

Here we go...  Come with me down the rabbit hole. What about if "earth" were defined as the world of materiality and "heaven" were defined as the world of immateriality?  Can we start to make sense of all of this if we think of it this way?  This would then mean that earth is the place where we see, feel, hear, taste, touch the manifestation of that which has already been expressed (yes - past tense) in the non-manifest world...  the worlds of spirit, intention, visualisation, co-creation with each other and aether? - The breath of life. Truly indefinable.  Hmmm... This to me feels like a fit.  The cut of this jacket might feel a little strange to you, but give it a try...  You may become accustomed to the weft of its weave...

And so we come to the topic of our conversation.  I hope you don't mind that this conversation has been somewhat one-sided, but I hope i'm giving you opportunity to pause, to stop, to gather about you your own thoughts and extract them from the stream that is Consciousness.  Ahh... there we go again with that stream...  What is that stream... ???  Hmmm....

A story less philosophical and more scientific now announces itself...  But it all has to do with the questions and possibilities i've provided above. Without these, the story I am about to tell you next will seem like stupidity.


Once there was a man...  Just a little and ordinary man really...  But this man had been looking at the "condition" of things (a-ha! there is that word again), and he could see that the world was full of violence and deceit and corruption of every kind.  Shall we call this man, "Everyman" ??  He IS you and me and our neighbour... decent quiet living folk who do their best and help their fellow human-kind whenever they are able.  They get on with their own affairs. They make a business and do the best they can. So one day "Everyman" was minding his own business, walking down the street, humming a little tune in his mind when somebody yelled from behind him, "I am going to take your house, your business, your savings... I am going to destroy you and your wife, your children, your family... I am going to desecrate them, rape them, violate them... make them a laughing stock...  and then when you have finally been brought to your knees and are living on top of a rubbish dump, I will masterbate myself and come all over you - just to show how powerful I am and that you are nothing - and then I will piss on you."

Well... Everyman had a certain defiant streak inside him. He just stared back at the sillhouette in the trenchcoat standing a little way down the street as the air chilled and the clouds began to glower and come lower...  you know... the usual "ominous" image.  And glower they did.

Everyman took a deep breath in, pursed his lips, looked again at the figure without so much as raising an eyebrow, then he continued his walk in the darkening of the evening...  realising it was an evening without end and the greyness of this foreboding twilight would forever be upon humankind.  It was a heavy burden upon his mind...

_ _ _

On July 21, 2013 there was an enormous earthquake in New Zealand that struck the top of New Zealand's South Island. It was a Sunday.  It happened at 5pm.

Earlier that week, on the Tuesday in fact, on July 16, 2013 a young woman named Kiri Campbell entered her local bank - she lived in a small town of around 20,000 people - and across the cashiers desk she slid a bunch of papers, including a check for NZ$15,000,000 that she had filled out herself from her own cheque book. She had signed it herself.  The cashier looked over the documentation which boasted NZ government official department stamps and signatures. Kiri had recently discovered all of these were necessary to complete the transaction - that of depositing money into her own account. The theft would be in broad daylight, using all the processes that were usual for agencies within the NZ government, to create money!

Because of the largeness of the sum of money, another clerk came out to the counter to verify with her colleague that all the documentation was in order, including all the signed forms from the NZ Reserve Bank governor (Graham Wheeler ??) with his wet ink signature on it, and the NZ Minister of Finance (Bill English's) wet ink signature on it. The two tellers double-checked everything and with trembling hands, entered the figure $15,000,000 into their computer terminal. By doing so, NZ$15,000,000 was thus deposited being fiat currency (non gold backed) into Kiri Campbell's bank account.

On that day, Kiri Campbell "unemployed" drop out law student and mother of 6 children had done it !!  She had just shown the world how the Babylonian Magicians create money out of thin air.  She promptly sent me her verifications - scanned copies of her bank deposit receipt and her ATM balance.  It said:  $15,000,000.  We both knew what this meant.  I was extremely excited... Kiri even more so (naturally).  She had broken the code... the secret code by which all humanity was kept in abject debt slavery. Kiri had proved that the world of the Babylonian money-makers was a LIE !!!  I was then sworn to secrecy for the rest of the week (difficult to do but I did it) because there was going to be a public announcement to the world via an extremely well-listened to online Radio Show in 2013, The One People's radio show.  When it aired, millions of people flocked to hear Kiri's story. It was astounding. It was amazing. The trick had been revealed!
_ _ _

What Kiri did that day was a sly-fox action that shook the financial world to the core! To the CORE! Did you hear about this? No of course you didn't. Maybe a few of you did. The controllers of the world *Babylonian Magicians* never wanted for humanity to join the dots, so there were dramas... Even ones that Miss Kiri created herself. All of this is side-detail and I don't plan on going into it all here, but serves to illustrate to us that when we handle such tools on behalf of the world, we must engage with all aspects with utmost Truth and Integrity.

Kiri took her action on Tuesday July 16, 2013. The public announcement was made on Saturday 20th July 2013. The public announcement was huge at the time. It was expected to be, and our expectations were not disappointed. Ultimately on that Saturday, all around the world, The People rallied... MILLIONS of people !!! Tears of joy were wept, cries of victory... the whole shebang. And why ?? Because Kiri Campbell, ex-law student drop-out and mother of around 6 children had just shown the world how the Babylonian Magicians create "money" out of thin air !! She had shown the whole world how to do the Babylonian money trick.

Here is what happened the next day, Sunday, for a group of five New Zealand and Australian women, and an elder retired gentleman. The energy was high as high. We all knew a huge victory had been won!

Note: For any of these videos or links on this article, please copy-paste the URL into your browser. On some of the "One People's" blog links, they are broken as I keep most of them in "draft" mode on the blog. There was a lot of contention in the end. Around 30 articles are in "draft". I republished two of them today for the sake of people seeing what happened on that day...

Here is another version of the story, written almost two years after the event.

_ _ _

So now we come to today's story. I had to give you the background to all of this so you have a context for what's coming next.  All of the above has only been the beginning of the real story I want to tell you, about the "science of imagery" and its impacts on the physical manifest world. Believe me, it will be much, much quicker to tell the rest of it, now that i've given you all of the back-stories above, along with the discussion of how these things come about in "manifest realm" to tell us what is going on in the "un-manifest realm" - the world of Energies, causality and outcomes.
_ _ _

On November 14, 2016 there was an enormous earthquake in New Zealand that struck near the top of New Zealand's South Island. It happened 2 minutes after Sunday midnight on Monday at 12:02am. 

Earlier that week, on the Tuesday in fact, on November 8, 2016, a business man named Donald Trump was to find out the results of contesting for the office of the President of the United States of America. It was a long shot. Nobody had expected anything to come of it and when he'd first made his announcement, the media of the world stood laughing at him. Soon joined in the politicians of America - both Republicans as well as Democrats - and along with them, the people of America joined in with their retorts and jeers. The man, shall we call him "Everyman" ??  would have no hope of attaining the office to which he aspired.

He lived in a large town, with many millions upon millions of people.  Every day, he had to stand before that jeering crowd as he stumbled over his words and his ideas, trying his best to deflect 10 million vollies of nastiness in a single breath. I guess because Everyman was being told every moment of the day that there was no hope for him and his glorious quest, he chose to take a path of "shock tactics".  Suddenly his campaign got traction as paper after paper all over the land began heavily reporting on his "biggoted", "racist", "sexist" remarks.  I guess Everyman thought, "If i'm going to go down, it will be in a blaze of glory... They will damn-well cover my campaign, no matter what it takes."

And so Everyman went on like this, for days and days and then months and months... and finally a year had gone by, and he had found his audience.  And they were in the 10s of millions !!  He had found his sure footing after all and he now had the ear of the nation.

Results were coming in...

At first, Everyman's competitor took an early lead. The heart of the public sank...  "Oh no! Oh no!"  The Babylonian Magicians are going to have their day.  We were not cunning enough, crafty enough, watchful enough...  They will once more have their day.

And then the tide turned.  One state after the other began turning red. Everyman was coming into the lead...  then retained the lead...  then finally flew into an unbeatable position !!  The business man with multiple wives (not a bigamist) and with multiple children to his multiple wives... who had worked so hard all of his life, who had provided jobs for so many tens of thousands of people all over the earth...  The man of many human frailties just like us all, a real imperfect man, looked like he was going to fulfil his ambitions.  Four states as yet not counted.  The result could not be declared.  A backlash was always anticipated.  It was to be a waiting game...

During that election, Donald Trump showed the world how the Babylonian Magicians create politicians out of thin air.  All the evidence had been collated...  The bribery, the back-room deals, the pay-to-play racketeering, the willingness to be the friend of the nation's enemy, and right down to the wire, we saw the debauchery, the trips on jets to islands where little children are kept as catamites satisfying the rude requirements of adults who take control of their small, fragile bodies. It was a sad and extremely depraved affair.  A very sorry set of "conditions" indeed.

Everyman had the might of "Right" beside him... and now all people far and wide flocked to his side.  This Everyman... imperfect in every way and so perfect for the job, now simply had to wait.  Even though the beast-woman had conceded, there was still a wait to see what magic tricks would be drawn out of the carpetbag.

We all knew what this victory for the position meant.  We were all extremely excited and the ramifications were not lost on us.  He had broken the code... The secret code by which all of humanity is kept in abject political and debt slavery.  Donald Trump proved to the world the extent to which the Babylonian conjurers are still alive, operational, and well !!! While there was great excitement, we had to wait the rest of the week because tricks and manipulations were continuing, with many more articles being published in the media each day saying that the result was going to be contested. The energy on social media was red-hot as we awaited whatever tricks were going to be pulled out of the hat. Attempts were made.  But commentators and support crew such as Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Trey Gowdy and dozens more stalwarts, kept the howling wolves at bay. The victory was well and truly won. At last, all the results were in...  Republicans in the House, Republicans in the Senate, and a Republican in the Oval Office.  The "conditions" for the next four years (possibly longer) would invariably change - not just for America, but for the whole world.

It was astounding. It was amazing. The trick had been revealed!
_ _ _

What Donald Trump did over those 18 months was a sly-fox action that shook the financial and political world to the core! To the CORE! Do you realise the gravity of what has been done?  Some of you still don't. Many of you do. The controllers of the world *Babylonian Magicians* never wanted for humanity to obtain this victory, so there are dramas still, but nothing that can't be surmounted.  All of this is side-detail, but serves to illustrate to us that when we handle such tools on behalf of the world, the outcomes for the world will be most marvellous when all actions are taken with utmost Truth and Integrity.

Donald Trump took his action on Tuesday November 8, 2016. The final public announcements of ultimate victory were starting to trickle through on Saturday November 12, 2016.  The public outcries have been huge. They were expected to be, and our expectations were not disappointed.  The Babylonian Magicians created anger and hostility, out of thin air!  The Magicians themselves were showing the whole world how they perform the Babylonian electoral trick, and as we know - an illusion can not be affected when the audience see how it is performed.  But this was not to be the end of the story...

This is where the story of "on earth as it is in heaven" is about to kick in.
_ _ _

In the quantum field, those things that are unseen must have a manifestation in the material world. You will find these ideas discussed in various branches of quantum physics and in particular, in relation to the holographic universe. When minds all come together for an outcome, the physical environment must manifest "on earth, as it is in heaven".

For further study on these matters, please see the documentary and study series, "What the bleep do we know?" (available on YouTube), Eckhart Tolle's book "The power of NOW", author Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, geologist Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein, just to name a few.

I find it most interesting that on both occasions when the tricks of the Babylonian Magicians had been so plainly exposed for what they are, that the manifest realm (on earth) chose to express this in the form of earthquakes.  And I must say, not any old earthquakes. These enormous earthquakes (for both Kiri and Donald) had epicentres in very low population density areas. This mitigated any potentially devastating effects on the lives of the people living in these areas. In fact, only two lives have been lost as a result of these two events. Also, the earthquakes took place in New Zealand - the country that is first to see the light of a new day.  So I also find this very interesting, and is perhaps referencing that a "New Day" has begun on the planet.  The fourth "coincidence" is the fact that both times these huge earthquakes occurred in NZ after such auspicious events, that they shook our capital (another way of saying "money" in English), ie: our capital city Wellington or  (on earth as it is in heaven) meaning our global money system, which we all know is corrupt as the day is long, and it needs to be irrevocably struck to its foundations and torn down !!  Because that's what this huge 7.4 earthquake did this morning...  It struck our capital to its foundations !!

$350 Trillion Can NOT Pay OFF $1,600 Trillion in Debt !!

All of these are possibilities.  The hologram is speaking to us.

Another  really significant find that came to me today was this following video, which I really didn't think much of actually.  I'm personally not into fearmongering or "dark predicting" of this type...  however, something in this video caught my attention.  Please listen to it from the beginning (should you wish to do so) for some context. I confess that I took most of the first four minutes with a grain of salt. It was only at the 4:00 minute mark that my ears pricked up, and I knew the hologram was speaking to me once more !!

Video: Trump Predicted in 2012 by I Pet Goat ii

Published on Nov 9, 2016

Did you get it?  The commentator says, "There is a clock tower on 12 and you can hear the clock chime twice...  You have Donald before this event..."  12:02  - Have you seen that number before on this article ??  If you don't remember (and who would blame you, after reading this lot)  😄 please just scroll to the top, and you will see it.

12:02  Omg !!  After "Donald" comes 12:02.  This is the sign...  "on earth as it is in heaven"  >>  the financial and the political worlds are being shaken to their foundations and are utterly collapsing !! - or more perfectly, they are being de-constructed !!  I mean we know this is happening as well...  but here is the absolute confirmation from "the heavens" (non-manifest world of the hologram) of the victory most certainly being won !!!
_ _ _

So you've got to ask the question, how is it that a video-maker in 2012 made a perfectly innocent video that somebody else picked up on in 2016, on the day after the election, and there we find predicted an event involving Donald Trump in relation to a "cataclysmic" event at 12:02 ??  Huh ?? How does that happen? Seriously...  What's the odds ?? Plus on the link below, we find there were actually two earthquakes simultaneously - so there has been a double-blow for the Babylonian Magicians. I imagine we will see both of these soon enough.

And the only way we could make that connection was by me (very specifically me, since i'm one of only a few people who have this knowledge of things from 2013) who "accidentally" received this video this morning, through being subscribed to a publication that had this video on their article?

And isn't it a bit strange that so many parallels can be drawn between the Kiri victory and the Donald Trump victory, both that expose absolutely the games of the Babylonian Magicians? And once again, once again, we find that the capital has taken another blow!
_ _ _

Then my mind cast back to an article I finally made time to read over the weekend in between all the frivolity of the Trump win.  The article by James Gilliland (the UFO guy - most of these I listen to with half an ear, personally) and it turned out to be not so long in fact, and definitely hit on a lot of points that I totally agreed with.

The one section that stuck out to me as being just dog-gone crazy and the least plausible was this one:
He [Trump] is working arduously on releasing the World Restoration Funds, Debt relief and the new debt free treasury notes backed by gold.

My reaction once again as always to mention of such ideas was:
"Oh... not collateral accounts again... not the whole Nesara deal...  Why can't these guys just put it to bed?"

...  And then the next day, the earthquake hit the capital !!!  😯

Update November 20, 2016  -  What the hell... ????  

What is the message in all of this?  - that the Spirit Cooking and child trafficking, pedophile Washington-Hampstead Satanist cannibalist, raw blood drinking cult has ALSO been torn down? - as signified in this huge New Zealand earthquake?  Is this the second thing?  Number (1) being the "capital" - the corrupt money cabal-established systems of the world which includes the IMF, World Bank, BIS, and all Rothschild Reserve Banks set up in countries all around the world.  Number (2) being the destruction of the Satanist child trafficking cabal who we now see and everybody in the world now has an eagle-eye looking out for.  It's very interesting for me here in New Zealand to see that NZ's vineyards in Marlborough have been so devastated. Vineyards have undulations, splits, chasms and rifts up to 1 metre (3 feet) all through them. It looks like the vineyard grape pick this year will be greatly hampered. Storage vats have been split, broken, in ruin and unusable for collecting the grape juice for the wine-making process. Why is this important in terms of #PizzaGate #ChildTrafficking #ChildSatanicSexualAbuse  #SatanicChildSacrifice  #SatanicChildSodomy  ??  If you've ever been into a Sunday church service, you'll know that the "wine" is synonymous with the "blood".  In the hologram therefore:  (1) It is no longer possible to look after the vineyard  >>  the whole network where previously, children were sourced, abducted, raped and sacrificed.  (2) 
There are great big rifts in the network...  traffickers are running scared and have "fallen through the cracks" where they won't be heard of again.  (3) The 'vines' will be left to wither because irrigation lines are now broken, or they will go ferrel and uncontrollable. This is because the vines can no longer be tended by work crews - you can't get any tractors or quad bikes in simply because it's too unsafe - the network (vine) are destined to fall into utter disrepair. Branches of the network are now broken. Each man and woman runs things for himself. There's many gaps in the network.  (4) The grapes (the little children) will develop but they won't be able to be picked because of the dangerous terrain and the huge ongoing 5+ aftershocks that will go on for months! It won't be safe for vineyard orkers to go out there  (I myself worked in the Marlborough vinyards for 6 months. I know the terrain and I know the area pretty well. Employment law for Marlborough vinyards are very strict. Until vinyard owners repair all the broken tracks and walkways between the vines, crews will not be allowed on those farms to leaf thin or wire lift this summer, nor will they be let in to harvest. It simply won't happen!  (5) No grape "blood" will flow. When you can't pick, you can't make wine. There is no child's blood flowing any longer in these depraved soulless rituals !!  The blood-letting has ended. (6) There will be no wine to drink. The soulless ones are from now on deprived of their fix of adrenochrome. Note: adrenaline in the raw blood of a tortured victim gives a huge high. They will no longer be able to get high off the blood of their victims.  (7) The demonic entities that run these people will be really pissed off !!  It's quite possible that various prophecies could come to pass...  eg: I'm pretty sure it's Nostradamus talks about humans going mad because we will start to see the multi-dimensional realm where these demonic entities dwell. Now that the blood-letting of innocent children has ended, it's quite possible we will see the manifestation of these demons on earth. What a great awakening that will be. Humanity will at last be able to see who has been running the show (in terms of sociology) on planet earth for the last 10,000 years or longer...  depraved, putrid, vampiric demons. We will see them...  and very soon after, humanity will be entirely free!  This is all happening in our lifetime folks!  So be of good cheer.  "The darkest hour comes just before the dawn."

Please also note - The Kaikoura - north Canterbury, Marlborough earthquake 7.4 (=11) happened at 00:02  - two minutes past midnight. It's interesting to me that in June 1997 (two months - another '2' - before Diana princess of Wales was murdered) when Abramovic painted this "artpiece" in blood, semen and breast milk that she didn't write "earthquake days".  She wrote "earthquake nights". The NZ earthquake happened exactly in the middle of the night - 2 minutes after midnight. Quite amazing.

We live in a hologram.

This is a screenshot from the Maria Abramovic video here and on the image >>

Published on Nov 26, 2016
by Darwin999
I, Pet Goat II

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