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Is Sweden moving to a 6-hour working day? No. Of course not !!

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Are people such "sheeple" that they believe whatever is spoonfed them? Don't people know how to use Google Translate and look up Swedish news publications on the issue?  If people knew how to do this, they would very quickly realise to what extent many posters and videos on social media are lies !!  So what am I saying? Isn't Sweden moving to a six-day work week at all, as these videos and posters assert?  No it is not.

Sweden is in a world of trouble at the moment over the Middle Eastern and African Muslim immigrations crisis that was created by the European Union Parliament (EU).  Sweden is currently turning immigrants away because the coffers are now empty. The money ran out quite a few years ago!  Sweden has had to loan billions of dollars already, just to house, clothe and feed the in-flooding immigrants. These "refugees" (75% males aged 16-45 years old, a standing army) are largely uneducated, illiterate in their own language, and unemployable in a modern Europen country. These "refugees" (a large number are not from war zones) will not be finding a job in Sweden any time soon. They live off social welfare benefits that are coming out of Swedish taxpayer's incomes.  The native Swedes will be over this very quickly...  Especially since, while they are at their job working hard, the immigrants are in their "no-go zone" enclaves, burning the Swedish flag, holding protests demanding Sharia Law and raping native Swedish 13-year-old girls.  Nice one immigrants.  Fools!! Large numbers of these "dole bludgers" (lazy bastards who don't want to work) are considered "economic migrants". They have not come from war zones. They have just come to Sweden for the free money.  Those days are rapidly coming to an end.  The Swedes have woken up.

Please come to this Facebook discussion group for much more on the immigration issue >>

"Sweden Europe immigration crisis: Finding solutions."

Swedish economic failure, for example: The only places Sweden has left to "house" people is in tents that are set up in camps on old disused air force bases. And it will be winter very soon with temperatures down to -20 degrees celcius. Of course Sweden can not afford to give its people a 6-hour working day with the same wages as 8 hours of work. This is nonsense !!

Here is what is expected of somebody with a "full time" regular job in Sweden:
  • Temporary or permanent work contracts
  • 6 months probationary employment
  • Full time, 40 hours per week
  • 25 days vacation per year (right to take 4 consecutive weeks in summer)
  • Average wage: SEK [Swedish krona] 29,400 for men [with 30% tax + 25% tax on all purchases] and SEK 24,700 [with 30% tax + 25% tax on all purchases]
  • No national minimum wage. Collective agreements in most occupations ensure fair wages.

* 2010 data. Nothing has changed

There is a very alarming, incorrect and dare I say illegal video that has had 25,968,749 Views on Facebook. Everybody seems to think what the video says is true, which only goes to show the extent to which "the people" are really still "the sheeple". The post was put up on Facebook Page "Smart is the New Sexy" on September 7  2016.  I have no idea what this Page's agenda is - probably to get views. "Smart is the New Sexy" shows itself to be "Stupid" and therefore not "Sexy" at all.

The video was created by "Bright Side" videos Page on Facebook on September 7, 2016. This video is entirely irresponsible.  That is all I have to say about it.

Following is a newspaper article that was published on Expressen Swedish news, also on September 7, 2016. The Swedish version is published below this English translation.

This is the truth about about the 6-hour work day in Sweden:  

It is not happening !! 

This idea has been discussed for years in Sweden where trials have been run in a few very specific sectors. One sector is nursing - specifically in the "aged care" sector (geriatric). Another sector is social work as we see in the following article. These are trials only and are being looked at from the point of view of "worker wellness", not from an economic point of view for the whole country. Economically, a 6 hour working day across all sectors, is simply not going to happen any time soon in Sweden.

Such laws in Sweden have never been passed, this has never been implemented and is not a nation-wide policy, which is what the video above-cited claims...  It is simply not economically workable !!  - Especially not now with Sweden's immigration crisis.  A 6-hour day for 8 hours pay is not and is never going to happen... certainly not in the next 20-30 years. The country simply cannot afford it.

The following translation is by Google Translate.  Here's the article...

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They want to introduce a six-hour working day
- on Expressen
Published September 7, 2016

The six-hour day is again up for discussion in Gothenburg. There is anger amongst those who want to try the [much-talked about] system now. It is hoped that social workers will get reduced working hours.
"We must do something to simplify their workload," said Ali Moeeni (S), District Committee Chairman.  
[See "The great social paradigm shift ..." near the end about "municipality corruption" which particularly references "committee chairmen" and corruptions they are frequently found to engage in.]

[Notes - (1) Gothenburg is a city with a very large population of Muslim immigrants who have arrived there since 2011 [since the US-backed "coalition" strikes by USA tax-payer Private Military Companies (PMCs) contracted by the US administration and paid many billions of US$]. (2) This proposal is put forward by an immigrant with an Arabic name. This needs to be in the front of your mind as you read this article because it will inform you on what his agendas might be.  (3) There are a lot of Muslim immigrants who are employed in Social Services these days.  (4) It is known that there is corruption in Swedish social services. There are cases of corruption currently being looked into in social services. (5) Such corruption is to the extent that people such as ISIS fighters returning into Sweden from Iraq (it's not currently illegal to do so) are being given maximum social services benefits and concessions - housing and so on - by Muslim employees who have jobs in social services. This is known! So with all of this background, you are nearly ready to continue reading this article.]

Also: Here are the Muslim "no-go zones" in Gothenburg. Yes... There are even ready-made publicly accessible maps of these areas. Not even the police go into these zones until they are heavily armed, including wearing bullet-proof vests. Owning personal hand guns is illegal in Sweden - the same as the rest of the world, excluding the USA. These "no-go zones" (gang lands) are known to have stockpiles of illegal weapons that have been smuggled in by Muslim terrorists. In Sweden, there are currently no laws making it illegal to be a member of a terrorist organisation. Predictably, such laws will be written in the very near future.

All of this informs you as you continue to read this article.
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[Article continues... ] There is no doubt that the six-hour day, with an unchanged salary [get paid for 8 hours], has been appreciated by the staff at the locations tested. At the same time, warning voices were raised saying that it costs too much money and therefore is not sustainable. [Economics dictate that it won't be done].

The proposal has angered those to stand last in the queue for the prospective six hours working day. [What is the reason for the push] to ease the burden on social workers?
"Social workers do it very tough, throughout the country, but perhaps especially in [dealing with angry people]. We must do something to simplify their workload," said Ali Moeeni (S), District Committee Chairman.
He points out that it is not about a party political proposal, but that it is the municipality's responsibility to improve employees' working conditions. [ie: Social workers get paid by the municipality. Please see articles below on "corruption" and pedophilia.]
"We have to do something from the political side, otherwise there's no change," he says. "We want to relieve employees."
In addition to shortening the social services officers' work day, Ali Moeeni wants to improve their work situation by offloading [outsourcing ?].
"Right now a social worker does not need to be trained in the very data that you implement. We want these tasks to be moved to someone who has more time."

Svartedalen retirement home [geriatric nursing] was the first of the municipal authorities to provide six hours working a try. The experiment was a success according to the nurses at the nursing home. The evaluation of the experiment will be conducted next year.

There's no reaction from social workers at the office - Ali Moeeni has not received any response yet, but he hopes to get some.
"I hope they will be pleased that we are thinking about them and want to improve their situation. The proposal was passed at the last board meeting of the reservation from the opposition and the administration will put the proposal in the next year's budget."

Read more >>  Document: Six-hour day  - September 10, 2016
Nurses, geriatric care:  "But critical voices are heard about the trials - to have six-hour working day is simply too expensive... The Left Party, which pushed the issue to the six-hour working day and working to carry out more experiments in the municipalities. [Simply put:  More left-wing 'egalitarian' madness.] ... Despite the good results shown [for workers] not all positive about the project. Bo Anderssen, Liberal, former member of the SDN Northern Hisingen and now a member of the council is one of them. The criticisms he makes are mainly about costs that would result if all municipal employees in Gothenburg had a six-hour working day. Marita Tenggren also believes that it is problematic [a 6-hour day] and that it will not be introduced in the rest of the country."

Translate with >>  Google translate

Read more articles >> 
Here's hospital that runs six hour day
A culture of corruption in Sweden

The great social paradigm shift ...  [- On child trafficking and pedophilia; Corruption within municipality boards.]
Posted on March 23, 2015 by Ove Svidén
Where can we find the pedophiles in Sweden?
>> As in all countries, religions, sects, political parties and small clubs, we find the richest sex addiction are in the corrupt state of the junta in close contact with the coffers (ie the non-earmarked tax money). Those at the top can buy the services from their hidden-winning middle managers further down in the hierarchy!
>> And in Sweden, it is the hidden smart-asses in the Municipality wires that control the whole Municipality-ist controlled country, in time fifty years of one-party rule of the Eastern European model. It is therefore the local self-government that must be examined. Especially the rigged show trials in the administrative courts, which hesitantly accepted as a special case of the bribed the European Council when Sweden became accepted as EU members.
>> And as the former National Audit brave-head Inga-Britt Ahlenius said in My Truth: The Swedish corruption in the municipalities. More than that, if criticism of the abuse of power will be too close to the Social Committee's Chairman example, so he may offer his Social Welfare severance pay amounting to a few million if he is to take on the criticism and move to a new municipality that is not informed about the golden handshake ...


_ _ _ _

De vill införa sex timmars arbetsdag
- on ExpressenPublicerad 7 sep 2016

Sex timmars arbetsdag är återigen uppe för diskussion i Göteborg.Nu är det Angered som vill försöka sig på det omtalade systemet. Och det är socialsekreterarna man hoppas ska få reducerad arbetstid.
– Vi måste göra något för att förenkla deras arbetsbörda, säger Ali Moeeni (S), stadsdelsnämndens ordförande.

Det råder inget tvivel om att sex timmars arbetsdag, med oförändrad lön, har varit uppskattat av personalen på de platser som testat. Samtidigt höjs varnande röster som säger att det kostar för mycket pengar och därmed inte är hållbart. Senast ut att ställa sig i kön för hugade spekulanter till sex timmar arbetsdag är Angered. Där vill man lätta på bördan för socialsekreterarna.
– Socialsekreterarna har det väldigt tufft, i hela landet, men kanske framför allt i Angered. Vi måste göra något för att förenkla deras arbetsbörda, säger Ali Moeeni (S), stadsdelsnämndens ordförande.

LÄS MER: Dokument: Sex timmars arbetsdag

Han poängterar att det inte handlar om ett partipolitiskt förslag, utan att det är kommunens ansvar att förbättra medarbetarnas arbetsförhållande.
– Vi måste våga göra något från den politiska sidan, annars förändras ju inget, säger han.
Vill avlasta medarbetarna
Förutom att förkorta socialsekreterarnas arbetstider vill Ali Moeeni förbättra arbetssituationen genom att avlasta.
– Just nu sitter socialsekreterare med mycket uppgifter som man inte behöver vara utbildad för att genomföra. Vi vill att dessa arbetsuppgifter flyttas till någon som har mer tid.
Svartedalens äldreboende var först ut bland de kommunala instanserna att ge sex timmar arbetsdag ett försök. Försöket var en succé enligt undersköterskorna på äldreboendet. Utvärderingen på försöket kommer att genomföras under nästa år. Någon reaktion från socialsekreterarna från kontoret har Ali Moeeni inte fått ännu, men han hoppas att det uppskattas.

LÄS MER: Här är sjukhuset som kör sex timmars arbetsdag

– Jag hoppas att de blir glada över att vi tänker på dem och vill förbättra deras situation.
Förslaget klubbades igenom på senaste nämndmötet med reservation från oppositionen och förvaltningen skall lägga in förslaget i nästa års budget.


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