Thursday, 22 September 2016

Gaddafi warned Sarcozy: Libya is Europe's defense to African Muslim invasion

Video:  Gaddafi's Prophecy, 2011 - "Europe will turn black"

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What Gadaffi said was a warning... it was not a threat as the American MSM would have you believe.

#ShiftingTheParadigm It's often a very good idea to go to RT, Tass, Al Jazeera, "The Angry Arab" blog and others like it to gain an alternative perspective on the MSM news. There's commentary in this video that a lot of people won't like. This short documentary facilitates a discussion around very pertinent subjects:

1) Factions and fracturing within Middle Eastern and North African Muslim tribal groups.

2) Loyalty and disloyalty of tribal factions to their country's leader, which also can be the expected attitudes of these Muslim tribesmen to leaders of countries where they immigrate to.

3) Utter brutality "mob rules" mentality shown towards statesmen [eg: Gadaffi] who was the sole guy who actually brought these tribal factions together to live harmoniously in modern cities that he'd provided - parallels with the liberal European state give-aways.

4) Islam works perfectly in a state that is oil-rich. We see here that the people went from living in tents to living in modern apartment blocks. None of this required the people's own work engagement or enterprise - unlike what we see in Europe with the European #ProtestantWorkEthic

5) No clarity on the part of these ignorant factions to notice they were bitting the hand that fed them - they turned into wild dogs baying for blood. See 12:10-13:05

6) This explains [certainly in part] why Muslims come into Western countries thinking they can demand everything and get it for free... This is normal to them, as was given to them in their own oil-rich countries.

7) This explains the #CognitiveDissonance of Muslims in their ideation that European Western nations are rich beyond belief, and why they themselves don't have to contribute to the labour force.

8) Uneducated Muslims have no idea that European Western nations are not oil-rich.

9)  Uneducated Muslims have no idea that money is generated and created through the European-US-Australasian-Asian-Russian monetary system via a nation's government which creates "Bonds" to facilitate trade, through the Rothschild "Reserve Bank" system, the international Share Market, the Metals and Commodities Market, the Rothschild international banking cabal >> the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary fund (IMF), and so on - because "little people" like you and me go to work and pay taxes !!

10) Gadaffi's predictions were absolutly correct to the French President Nicolas Sarcozy: "The tribes are fracturing off. If you destroy Libya (being the last bastion to hold back North African Muslims) Europe will be invaded."

>> But what did Sarcozy care? He was leaving his office with his back pockets filled anyway. What did he care for the future of Europa? Nothing. Sarcozy didn't give a rat's arse... Article: "Nicolas Sarkozy DID take $50 million of Muammar Gaddafi's cash, French judge is told" by John Lichfield. Published 3 January 2013, The Independent.

Gadaffi predicted it perfectly right - and France and the US forces went ahead and bombed the snot out of Libya anyway. And now, because European "liberalism that has no tools for defending liberalism itself" [from a video I watched yesterday], the uneducated, tribally fractured, short-sighted, demanding and quarrelsome Muslim horde will bring a crippled #MotherEuropa to her knees... But because this Muslim horde is so jolly ignorant and lacking in insight, they have no idea that they themselves as parasites on the back of the European host is also doomed to die.... They will once again be forced to eking out a subsistence living with stone-age farming methods on the European continent. So what in fact would they achieve? Nothing!

Of course, the people of Mother Europa will fight back full force way before any of this happens. There is no way the proud tribes of #EvropaInvicta will allow their Mother to be taken down !!!

#GeorgeSorosNWOmulticulturalAgenda  #LackOfInsight   #NumbNuts  
#BiteBackIsABitch !! #NationalismArising  #BritainFirst  #ViveLaFrance

Frame grab of a man purported to be former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi

Source:  Gaddafi's last words as he begged for mercy: 'What did I do to you?' This will be the same plea we hear from the liberal European statemen and women as they face the same demise at the hand of the parasitic Muslim horde. The European public will live to tell their stories of triumph and victory...  as in 1683, ref: Vienna.

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