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Gangland wars Germany: Muslim Immigrants, nationalists, #Leftists and police


Extreme right-wing demonstrations aka #PeopleWhoWantMuslimCriminalsToFuckOff #PWWMCTFO expected calm before the storm in Bautzen. Tense situation after riot night. 

Published Saturday, 09/17/2016
Original German article

The location in Bautzen [Germany] after the riots between rights #PWWMCTFO and refugees remains tense. Police have set up on the grain market in the old town, a ten-day control zone. With multiple controls numerous striking tools [pitch forks and the like] were seized. On weekends, demonstrations of extreme right groups #PWWMCTFO in the East Saxon town are expected.

Two days after the tumultuous confrontations prevailed on Friday evening on the Bautzen Kornmarkt, there was an almost eerie silence. People were sitting on Friday night alone in front cafes and restaurants, enjoyed another warm late summer evening.
"But we do not know whether it might stop off a little more lasting peace in the clashes between refugees and rights #PWWMCTFO, or whether this is just the calm before the storm," said Görlitz police spokesman Thomas Knaup. "So quiet as this Friday night, it was certainly not like this in the past week."

Escalation on Wednesday - On Wednesday evening there had been on the grain market to violent disputes between a group of around 20 child refugees [#MuslimLiars purporting to be 17 years and younger] and about 80 young men from the right scene #PWWMCTFO. Several people from both groups were apparently under the influence of alcohol. According to the police had then - as in a similar incident last week - began refugees, throwing bottles and stones to provoke the right #PWWMCTFO. #DeportMuslimCriminals

On Wednesday evening, however, the situation on the grain market had escalated. At the end several rights #PWWMCTFO incited a group of refugees through the Old Town of Bautzen, shouting loudly "We are the people". The refugees were able to get to their asylum lodging in safety, where they were protected by the police. #StopProtectingMuslimCriminals #ArrestMuslimCriminals #ChangeGermanLaws

Police presence felt - Also on Friday evening several groups clung to the grain market, especially young men [German natives], many of whom were of the right #PWWMCTFO and the left alternative scene #BetaLeftists [German natives] were assigned, said police spokesman Knaup. [Oh good... Muslims got the native Germans fighting each other. Well suckered-in !!] New incidents did not happen until Saturday morning, however. The only thing noticeable was that many people repeatedly went in the direction of the Kornmarkt watched by the locals on the sidewalks, where in particular, a group romped numerous during the evening.

Policemen. Presence in the darkness: In order to avoid further riots, the police stationed at the Bautzen Kornmarkt around Ulf Lüdeke, were present in the darkness. In order to avoid further riots, police were stationed at the Bautzen Kornmarkt around. And this had a good reason. Because the police have the grain market, which is considered as a social meeting point of the city. They declared on Friday afternoon for ten days to control zone. Reason: the prevention of serious crimes such as sedition, violations of the right of assembly and the use of explosive bodies [bombs].

In addition, a ban on alcohol and a curfew from 19h [7pm] were imposed for some 30 minor ["unaccompanied" #MuslimLiar] refugees. Some who have not adhered to it were accompanied by the police back to their accommodation. [Great. Something good is happening there #ParentalControlByDEpolice ]  Until late into the night, the officials showed strong presence there. Wherever and whenever were formed larger groups, a group of two dozen policemen presented meters away, shortly afterwards gathered.

Extreme left #BetaLeftistApologists and right #PWWMCTFO arm themselves - How easily the tense atmosphere in Bautzen continued to explode, but showed the numerous police checks, of which almost 230 were alone on the grain market until early Saturday morning. At 11.30 pm, the officers found in a group of 21 people of the left spectrum #BetaLeftistLowIQ who had traveled with cars from Dresden and Zwickau, in a trunk various poles and timber, filled with quartz sand gloves, a telescopic baton and a hand knife #ArrestBetaLeftistApologists

Residents had reported at the same time the police from a collection of about 60 people of the right spectrum #PWWMCTFO on Schutzenplatz. Some of the young men were said to have been [how good are these eye "witnesses" ??] armed with batons. #ArrestRightWingDickHeads A police check through the emergency police was fruitless. However, the officials in the city park found shortly after 15 metal and wooden rods. Overall, the police in the early hours of Saturday were 130 officers deployed, including civilian investigators and the state criminal police Berlin.

Rights #PWWMCTFO seek dialogue - Scheduled for Friday night was a first rally with groups such as "The Saxons demonstrations", "National Front Bautzen" or "Right collective Bautzen" was canceled spontaneously after the establishment of the surveillance zone had become known. Bautzen Mayor Alexander Ahrens made a call based partly by vigilantism words on "The Saxons demonstrations" on their Facebook account. [edit: I am guessing at the meaning of garbled German translation that said, "By sounding partly by vigilantism words had "The Saxons demonstrations" on her Facebook account Bautzen Mayor Alexander Ahrens made a call listing.]

"We are not only demanding, we have made solutions," it said, among other things. The group had no doubt that it would, and spoke of a "provisional respite" from "Actions" that can be suspended at any time and "will not tolerate groups of drinking, bullying and aggressive asylum seekers any more". [Note: 1 in 20 (5%) of Swedish white males aged between 16-24 years get attacked by gangs of Muslim youths every year in Sweden. I suspect a very similar figure exists for Germany.]

County wants to impose a curfew against refugees
[Yay! Somebody at last is not protecting Muslim criminals. Thank you! The tide is turning!]

>> The county will impose curfew against refugees
>> 70 missions [call-outs] since April.

For the start of the weekend the police were not aware about right-wing extremist actions #PWWMCTFO. In addition, it began in the early morning to rain, so that the last groups of people disappeared, who had noticed in the past few days, disturbances of considerable resentment among the local residents [Well yeah... because they're being beaten up!]. In the Kornmarkt itself could be seen on Saturday morning no more police units.
"But the day is not our problem," says Görlitz police spokesman Thomas Knaup. "Young people come here from all over the area especially in the evening who want to see who's here, and show their presence. And it has always been trouble. "But since April, officials had to go out to the grain market, to resolve disputes more than 70 times." [territorial #MuslimGanglandWars ]

Even before Bautzen had already fallem into the negative headlines, in February there was burned here with the hooting of several residents of a building that had just been converted into a refugee shelter. And in March, German President Joachim Gauck was molested [yelled at? Had objects thrown at him? Punched and kicked? It doesn't say] openly by some local residents [immigrants I daresay] when visiting Bautzen.

#RemoveMuslimTroubleMakers  #DeportMuslimCriminals  #ArrestMuslimTroubleMakers #DoNotPayForMuslimJailTime  #ExpelMuslimCriminals  #ExpelMuslimGanglandLeaders

Original source in German:

Video:  German kids beaten up by Muslim migrants

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Published on Oct 13, 2015

This is the reality of Germany right now where the migrants become untouchable just because they are the minority, if anything happens to them then it's "must be our fault".

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