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The birthing "mind control" map - Transcript. Jeanice Barcelo


These are transcript notes i'm typing up from Jeanice's interview with Sofia Smallstorm (below) which was published on May 21, 2015. This is not the full transcript. These are the most important parts of the interview. I posted this video yesterday with more notes, links and commentary as well, but without transcript, here >>

Mind control at birth ?? Is this all part of the globalist agenda?

People from all over the world need to have the opportunity to hear what Jeanice says. This can now happen through the "Translate" button on this blog. Please enjoy... This is vital information for everybody who has ever been birthed into the world, by what ever means.

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Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Jeanice Barcelo

Published on May 21, 2015

Most of us have no memory of being born, and most people would probably opt for this big life event to take place in a hospital -- "just in case." We know that most of humanity has had babies anywhere but in a hospital, for thousands of years, at that. But what we do not know is how cunning and calculated Hospital Birth Protocols really are, and let's not forget neonatal care, either. Jeanice Barcelo may be the most adept voice out there on this subject, with her own astounding insights and translations -- meaning what is going on in the baby's consciousness while all this is happening? Here are two full hours of not just her amazing information, but more that I was able to specifically ask for, having heard a few of Jeanice's interviews already. You will never forget this stuff, if you have never heard it. The system, shall we say, has figured out a way to cut right into our family bonds before our babies even come home. For more, visit and

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Transcript notes

Part A

Please note:  The technique headings in bright blue are provided by the author of this blog, BronnyNZ. They are not the quoted words of either Sofia Smallstorm nor Jeanice Barcelo. They serve as a small headline for each of the "mind control" techniques highlighted during the podcast interview. The interview transcript quotes that belong to Sofia and Jeanice are written in this "common" type font. Thank you

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Sofia Smallstorm introduces Jeanice Barcelo.
Sofia says she has listened to many of Jeanice's earlier interviews and podcasts...

Sofia Smallstorm: Everything she was saying has this ring of deep dark reality to it. We live in a world of 'fake stuff'. Jeanice's specialty is the nature of hospital births. I realized, "That's where it all starts. 'They' have somehow come up with ways to interfere with the natural process of coming into this world such that we are immediately inverted and tipped upside down. The whole deck is stacked against us." Jeanice Barcelo... Welcome.

Jeanice Barcelo:  The way we begin life really affects the way that we live it. There is no other more important information that could benefit humunity right now, than understanding what we do to our children as they enter our dimension.

Mind control technique #1. 
Don't allow the mother and baby to bond.

SS: 'They' are getting in the way of the bonding process between the baby and the mother.

Mind control technique #2. 
Drug the mother as much as possible to make her agreeable and compliant.

JB:  I have a personal background of extreme birth trauma. My mother was given scapolomene which makes people unconscious and very controllable. In the 1950s they called it 'twilight sleep'. It made women very co-operative with whatever the medical profession wanted the woman to do.

Mind control technique #3. 
Create as much trauma for the mother and unborn baby as possible.

JB:  My birth was horrific. It influenced the way I gave birth to my own children, which also ended up in extreme trauma.

Mind control technique #4. 
Take the newborn baby away from its mother and put into a neo-natal unit.

JB: My daughter was put into the neo-natal intensive care unit for two months and two days.

Mind control technique #5. 
Carry out traumatizing procedures on the baby in the neo-natal unit.

JB:  Infants are tortured in the neo-natal units. They are repeatedly exposed to very painful protcols several times a day. They are not given anathestic. The medical profession have insisted for decades that infants don't feel pain. They do circumcision, cutting off the most sensitive part of an infant's penis, without anathesia.

Mind control technique #6. 
Make sure the medical staff are desensitized enough to undertake cruel and painful procedures on the newborn, who is often a premature baby.

JB:  It's clear that the infants feel pain. More and more people are coming forward and so this is changing. Medical school is a form of mind control - sleep deprivation, students are made to do horrific things, eg: 'gang raping' a cow vaginally or anally; pelvic examinations are being done by students on women who are under anasthesia - no permission is given by the women.

JB:  This information is extremely disturbing. I want to apologise for that.

Mind control technique #7. 
Make sure all hospital staff know they have to be compliant with the Rockefeller medical agenda, eg: through 'Employment Contracts' and so on.

JB:  The way these things have come about is through the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation - ever since the early 1900s.  What lies behind this is Satanism. These people are Satanists. They are incredibly dark-intentioned people who want to do us harm.

Mind control technique #8. 
Use ultra-sound to harm the baby's brain, the nervous system, and to erode its sense of trust in the mother.

JB:  Various methods have been devised to torture infants while they're still in the womb, eg: ultra-sound is extremely harmful, and to torture infants as they're are entering this dimension. They're doing this to alter their brain, alter their nervous system, to altar the functioning of their humanity, and to prevent human love and human bonding happening at birth. This is the key to the full development of our brain. [ie: bonding through eye contact]

SS: The ultrasound is to interfere with the development of the foetus?

JB:  Yes. I had no idea about the extent of evil behind this technology. It creates...  brain damage, nervous system problems, miscarriage, autism... because of the high-frequency sounds being blasted at the foetus. We know that when the US Navy blasts sonar, which is ultra-sound, and blasts it into the ocean, whales and dolphins beach themselves with brain haemorages. This technology is lethal to mammals. We don't hear these frequencies as adults, but because they're being projected off the water in the womb, it's like a train pulling into a subway station for the baby.

Mind control technique #9. 
Use ultra-sound to damage your baby's future fertility.

JB:  It is known that if an adult male scrotum is exposed to 15 minutes of ultra-sound x2, the man will become infertile for 6 months. This is the same for your baby's genitals. Every time they listen to your baby's heart, this is ultra-sound. When they are listening to your baby's heart beat during labour, this is ultra-sound.  This technology has been evil from its inception.

Mind control technique #10. 
Make sure caring people who are lovely do these examinations. They need to be ignorant of the harm they are doing the foetus. This lulls the parents into a false sense of security.

SS:  What about the technicians? Do they know what they are engaging in?

JB:  Many don't. Other people in the medical profession knows exactly what's going on. Everyone in these professions are under a severe form of mind controlled. These people do things that they would not do, if they were connected to their own morality. Ultra-sound technicians are going to have a lot of trouble in their lives - they are exposed to ultra-sound constantly.

Mind control technique #11. 
Introduce as many technologies as you want to interfere with the natural gestation and birthing processes.

JB:  This is what happens when you get involved with the dark side... and it is the dark side. We are only just scratching the surface on these technologies that do damage, even before the babies come through the birth portal.

JB:  There's a lot to talk about... We've been manipulated around our sexuality and this is a whole other topic.

Mind control technique #12. 
Even before conception, condition people into believing that "sex" is the goal - not being loved, cared for and nurtured in an ongoing relationship.

JB: What's happening to babies in the womb, matters; How we conceive our children, matters. Most people come together because they "want to get off".

Mind control technique #13. 
Promote irresponsibility in people regarding their sexual behaviours - through music, movies, etc.

JB: They have no interest in creating a life. But the fact is, we are playing with life-creating energy, as intended by God. Life comes in, in a conscious way, or in a very haphazard way.

Mind control technique #14.  
Make it socially acceptable to get rid of the life in your womb.

JB: There are millions of people who have been born to parents who do not want them... there are even abortions attempted. One in three babies conceived in New York are aborted.

Mind control technique #15.  
Condition people to accepting hospitals as "safe".

SS: These are things that people need to start considering about their lives. A lot of people elect to go to hospitals, because they feel they are safer there. This is part of the trap, isn't it? eg: putting ointment in the babies' eyes so they can't see their parents after they're born.

JB: There has been a tremendous amount of propaganda and a lot of attempted mind control in convincing people to go to hospitals.

Mind control technique #16.  
Don't publicise the high rates of mortality in American hospitals happening because of various medical abuses. Condition people to accept these abuses as "normal".

JB: America has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Women and babies are dying in droves in US hospitals. This is directly related to the technological interference and abuse being inflicted on mothers and babies during the birth process. Please go to my blog for information about this:  Keywords: infant mortality.

Mind control technique #17.
Make sure there are successive generations of birth trauma.

JB:  You are in danger if you yourself, were born in a hospital, because we are carrying massive amounts of birth trauma. This is likely to reactivate in the birth of our children. Women give birth the way they were born.

Mind control technique #18.
Never compare the U.S. mother-baby hospital mortality rates to that of other countries. 
People would know the truth then.

SS:  So you're saying it's safer to have a baby in a developing country even, than in the United States. eg: Pakistan?

JB:  Yes. We have countries like Saudi Arabia doing better than we are... Hungary, Poland, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Palestine, China...  We [in the US] are doing far worse.

Mind control technique #19.
Don't educate people about the harm hospital methods do to your baby for its whole life.

SS:  Does birth trauma affect other aspects of your life, not just when birthing your own children? Is this trauma re-kindled or evoked all through your life?

JB:  Yes. It affects our psychology, it affect our physical health, it affects our ability to love. If you have not been given the opportunity to bond with your mother or your father at birth, your ability to bond in general is going to be severely undermined.

Mind control technique #20.
Don't educate people about the necessity of the baby to produce oxytocin at birth. If your baby's brain does not produce oxytocin, you might end up raising a psychopath who can't feel anything and has no empathy. Obviously, this is a desirable outcome to fulfil the Satanic agenda.

JB:  If you have never had the opportunity at birth to produce oxytocin through the element of human love - because it's being severly interfered with, (I mean severely interfered with), then your body's ability to be able to produce oxytocin -  (oxytocin is the hormone of human love, it's the hormone of human bonding) - your body's ability to be able to produce oxytocin throughout life will be affected, because you are brain damaged from not having the neuro-biology of love activate at birth!

SS:  I'm getting chills... this tells me this information is true.

Summary - Part A

JB:  This is what's wrong with our species right now. It's why so many of us are having a difficult time accessing human love... connecting with authentic, enduring experiences of human love and relationship. It's because we have been robbed. Our birth has been hijacked from the moment of conception. We were conceived [often] in really despicable ways with people who don't love each other, who were having sex with each other for reasons that were not 'of love'. It's not just from birth. It's from the womb, eg: when baby is gestating in its mother's womb and the mother is thinking about murdering it.  This is going to influence our psyche - whether we feel like we can ever be loved and whether we are inherently lovable. We feel like we are inherantly unlovable because our first relationship was one of 'not love'... or love's opposite.

Part B

SS: Can you start with the order of what they do in hospital birth?

Mind control technique #21.
Convince the mother that she needs to have an induction.

JB:  Yes... In pre-natal care, people will be offered ultra-sound. At some time during these ultra-sounds, they're going to be told, "Your baby is too big for your your pelvis... we're going to have to induce your baby; Your fluids are too low...  we're going to have to induce your baby;  You're past your due date...  we're going to have to induce your baby."

Mind control technique #22.
Tell the mother she needs to have her baby out by 40 weeks gestation. Put her into fear by not telling her the truth - that her baby is growing safely and happily in the womb up to 44 weeks old.

JB: One in three children being born right now is being forced out of the womb before it's ready. In a natural situation, babies are in charge of deciding when it's time to be born. When they are fully developed, they will signal their mother's body that they're ready to come out of the womb. The mother will begin producing the neuro-chemicals of birth, and the birth process will ensue.

Mind control technique #23.
Imprint the baby with feelings of having somebody else in charge during their birth process.

JB: When that dominion is stolen from a baby through induction (remember, 1 in 3 children suffer from this predicament), it's going to cause an imprint in the baby that says, "There's something outside of me controlling my destiny, I have no power over my life, something else is running it, and that 'something' is not loving. It's going to force me to be born prematurely, i'm going to be born undeveloped, and i'm going to be born in the most horrendously brutal way known on this planet.

Mind control technique #24.
Confuse the baby (and as he/she grows) with ideas gained through the dominant religion of their culture, with feelings that this 'somebody' is God.

JB:  We can mistake that 'energy' for God, that it is God who is out to get us, that it is God who is controlling our life in a negative way. It is not God. It's the opposite of God.

Mind control technique #25.
Tell people that harmful procedures are good for them and their unborn babies.

SS:  The baby might be born prematurely, but only by a couple of days, right?  They're not delivering babies weeks before, are they?

JB:  Oh yes they are.  I heard a story about a woman who was given chemotheraphy drugs during her pregnancy and told it would be fine.

Mind control technique #26.
Convince people that premature delivery before 40 weeks, is perfectly safe for your baby.

JB: They then wanted to deliver the baby at 37 weeks. We know the lungs aren't fully formed by then, nor brain development.

Mind control technique #27.
Don't tell people that the plancenta is a part of their baby. The placenta belongs to the baby.

JB: Then they wanted to cut the placenta in half and divide it between two medical institutions so they could study whether cancer was on the placenta... we'll talk about the placenta later.

Mind control technique #28.
Take away all rights of the mother and the baby to birth as a natural process. 

JB: Between 37-39 weeks, they very often do induction between those times. The fact is, babies can spend 44 weeks in the womb, depending on the needs of the baby, and that's perfectly fine. We are messing with a very important natural event that has an intelligence that humans do not comprehend or care about, except for the evil people behind this - and they know what they're doing; they know exactly what they're doing. They know how to mess with us on a grand scale.  [33:45]

Mind control technique #29. 
Do not respect the sovereign rights of the woman to refuse any procedure. Threaten her with 'negligence'.

Mind control technique #30. 
Do not allow the baby to be born according to its own agenda. If you do this, the baby has a strong sense of its own innate power. It will start behaving like a sovereign being and will no longer be a useful member of the "work force", ie: compliant. There is a good chance they won't become compliant drones unless you bring them under submission right from the start - ie: from conception onwards.

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Jeanice's website:

The Satanic agenda:

A strange thing happens when we look into the eyes of our beloved... or have them very near...

Deep heart connection  <3 


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