Tuesday 7 June 2016

Does my country love me and value my life and my efforts?

Moscow Metro (subway)

This is an interesting graphic overview indeed. What I see is this: In New York, places where people go and where they live are given no value - these places are not maintained. This says to me that the people themselves are not valued and in turn, the people don't value themselves. Therefore they trash anything that has been painted and is made beautiful, because this does not reflect the inner state, which is full of turmoil and anger, stress and crying out in inner pain... "Who cares about whether I live or die? Is anyone going to ever notice me?" ... the messages in the graffiti... of people forgotten about and brought up without feeling love or regard from other people around them. 

Tombs of depression. Coffins for the 'undead'.

By contrast: In Moscow Russia, the public places where many people go are beautified and made lovely. The people themselves have a sense of being valued and in turn, have a high value of themselves. "We are 'something'," these walls and buildings say - What we are is fine and beautiful, full of aspiration and grace. There is no need to trash these buildings with messages of anger and pain, because these refined decorations match the inner state of the people: The people are noticed, loved, attended to. There is regard and respect of the people - of their 'creature comfort' needs as well as to the aesthetic, philosophical and spiritual nature which is appealed to and lifted up when in the presence of beautiful buildings, designs and paintings made by fellow-human artisans. What a reminder of how great and vast the human capacity is. These public places are not merely places of 'function' - for people to move from A to B - but they are places of contemplation and reflection on the glory of One's Self, the human spirit, the product of human thought and enterprise... An expression of the love the state extends to individuals personally, the giving of "permission" of myself as an 'ordinary human' to enjoy and be uplifted, by being in such palatial surroundings. It is almost as if the very walls, paintings and plaster work is willing for me to reach inside, to encourage and cheer me on, to find the many higher aspects of my self that lay hidden and untapped within. These photos form a beautiful analogy and perhaps reflect very much the attitudes of these countries towards their people. I'm not sure... I have never lived in either Moscow or New York. Perhaps people from those cities are in a better position to comment.

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