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We Are Manifesting REALITY through THOUGHT !!

I've held a "dream" to move onto land since 1976, and most particularly since I read "The Ringing Cedars Of Russia" series in 2011, when Anastasia really gets into the nuts and bolts of "The Science of Imagery".

Keep going in your clear envisioning. The quantum field MUST obey our Thoughts!! It's an impossibility for it not to. WE are the Creators!! Hence: the Resonance Unity Field Truth Sharing Project... I think my "dreams" were a bit too big at the time for most people to grasp. I got impatient and didn't explain things properly. But here we are... Here is the manifestation of getting into vibration with the Resonance Unity Field... It IS vibration... and we CAN direct outcomes.

When somebody has decided to take one hand off this "reality", they get to see the game-play. Keep creating my friends. Please keep the visualisations going of the World you want to live in... for YOU... Personally... No "buts". Just "dream" it... and the quantum field HAS to bring it about.

This is the POWER of your thoughts. Of my Thoughts. Of everyone on the Planet. WE ARE CREATORS !! This is what the Black Babylonian Priesthood wants us to forget... But too late !! We are waking up !!

An example of the tricks the Babylonian magicians have played on us is 9/11 which keeps on turning up in human consciousness.  9/11 is part of the illusion... Another one of the tricks of the Babylonian magicians to keep the Debt Slaves (us) on our knees.

9:11 is a MAGIC number... It keeps coming up in the news, throughout history.  It's even been "glued" into the human consciousness as the "emergency number" for the whole American nation...  *danger Will Robinson* 


The 9/11 event in the USA was a jack-up. Osama bin Laden's brother was sitting in the Carlyle Hotel in Washington DC having cups of tea with George Bush Snr. watching all the events unfold at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. 

It's all an excuse to make war.  War = more money in the bank. Every time you convince somebody it's a good idea to kill their fellow human, it's money in the bank. This is the plain truth. This stratagem has been going on for around 250 years now... Ever since the Rothschild Dynasty came to ascendance in Britain and took over the Germans, Victoria and Albert (cousins) who sat on the English throne. German Rothschild is the only reason why the house of Battenberg/ Mountbatten/ "Windsor" has any money. Rothschild is the $ behind the throne.

Don't be duped. We need to keep our eyes wide open !! These are all tricks of the Babylonian masters... It's an alliance between the houses of ancient Egypt (19th dynasty), Babylon and Rome. They've held us in bondage for millennia. The Debt Slaves are now seeing the trick. Discussions like this one are profoundly important to help people come to a greater understanding of what this world system is.

The oil-rich House of Bush are in very close alliance with oil-rich House of bin Laden... and the oil rich House of Saud - of Saudi Arabia. You find heaps of articles on this blog. Just enter keywords into the Search, and you'll find articles on nearly every topic.

In other words... The United States Corporation (1871) aka "The United States of America" (a fictional name), KILLED its OWN PEOPLE on 9/11 2001, purely to make a "killing" on the New York Stock Exchange (insider tip-offs). All the big players KNEW 9/11 was going to happen, and so they (both sides - Arab and US) could launch a 20-year war in the middle east. Look at the mess it is. 

There is NO Al Qaeda in the form the media sells it to us. The media is in on the trick as well. 

There is NO "ISIS". The Iraqi people on the ground in June 2014 had never heard such a name - That's because IT DOESN'T EXIST !!!  It only exists in the media and by being propped up by the CIA defense budget... to keep creating "the trick" going, and to keep all the good little Debt Slaves living in FEAR, and in obedience. It's an old, old game. "They", the puppet masters #ThePriesthood know how to play the game well. But now we are waking up now and seeing the Fictions for what they are !!!


Some people are still living out of a "victim mentality". While you're still in this mode, you are creating and re-creating the situations that maintain you continuing to be a victim. Please ponder these words... and return to the top where I talk about us creating manifest reality through our Thoughts.

WE are the Creators of the World we live in. To Recognise and KNOW that we are the Creators of ALL we experience, comes from a very different place than "being in the victim", which is where so many people are right now.

"Seek nothing outside of yourself." - Lord Gautama Buddha.

ALL answers lie within... YOU !!

YOU are the only solution there ever is.

We are ALL our own "saviours". There is NO Salvation outside of ourselves. The fiction of "Jesus" as "saviour" is another illusion the Black Babylonian magicians have put into the human consciousness and psyche, to TRICK you into beLIEving you don't have to SAVE YOURSELF. You ABSOLUTELY have to save yourself!  There is no other.  You can see now what a Trick this is...  the dependence on the "Knight in shining armour", the "Narnia" story, the "Everyman" of the Pilgrim's Progress...  ALL of these are "saved". It's a trick of the "light" - Luciferian.  

There IS NO Salvation besides that which WE CHOOSE to exercise ourselves.  

This is the ONLY "Salvation". Me. That's the bottom line. I AM the only one who can let me out of the prison I have constructed for myself. Anyone or anything else can attempt to "save" me... even angels. I won't know freedom until I have fully freed myself from the constraints of my own mind. This is where the struggle is...

All of this rhetoric takes on much greater potency once you Real Eyes the Germanic word "FREE" actually means "LOVE".  This begs the question: At what point are you going to fully love yourself enough that you will declare, "I will no longer be a slave !!!" ???

YOU are the Solution... the ONLY Solution. It's not me... It's not any agency... It's not any religion... It's not any philosophy. There is nothing outside of yourself. You are the solution. Please remember the words of Mahatma Ghandi:

"BE the change you want to see."

The "butt" stops with YOU. You are the solution. No-one else but You !! 

↠ ↠ ↠

I had a violent knee-jerk reaction when I heard Alisa and Gabriel's story on Feb 11, 2015.

A UK friend who knows I blog dropped the story on me like a bomb-shell. I was blown out of the water for 3 days and swore like a trooper constantly... even using the 'c' word, which I never do. I was SO angry !!!

After that... I just did what I do... Research, reflect, make commentary, uncover the truth, advocate for people. But that was up to a point.

ALL people in the UK need to grab a hold of this story, and Publicise and Run with it !!! People in the UK (generally) are SO STUCK in the victim mentality (coming back to my first point) that they feel they need somebody else to rescue them (my second point).

People in the UK need to Real Eyes there are norescuers coming... No advocates... No-one in the head of the charge... Besides themselves!

It is up to each one of you to pick up on this story, and create the change - each one of you, inside your hearts - to remove yourself out of the Victim, out of the Debt Slave, out of compliance and amenability and ignorance... and into the bright light of day of Who you Are !!  - which is marvellous, wonderful CREATORS of infinite possibility !!! That is Who You Are !!!!

I will no longer be a DEBT SLAVE.  

I have been living on "no money" since October 2013. I won't "earn" money for their War Machine any longer. I've been living on Student Allowance in 2014 and Unemployment...

It's THEIR "Money-Go-Round". Not mine. I won't be a party to it any more. I'm out. I've stood staunch in my "no money" position since October 2013. My determination sent out into the Universe is simple: 

"I will not return to Slavery!"  

"BE the change you want to see."

- Mahatma Ghandi

We flow forward with ease into a most glorious future...

I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for every-thing I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.  

Robert A. Heinlein

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