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Agent Provocateurs: UK Police may have infiltrated your protest group

Violent Undercover Agents REVISED... #Nov9 2011 Student Protests!!!

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011

Violent Undercover Agents REVISED... Nov9 Student Protests!!!


Agent AgitatorWhatever you do don't ask him the time!David Cameron moonlighting?
The sign says unite and fight mmm...PC with a hatHe looks like he could flip at a moments notice
I was rightA convincing demonstrator Have a nice day sir.
police womanFinally the hats go on    Aother policeman
PC Hoodie          Everything is fakeThe faces tell a story

Occupy Is An Inside Job MIRROR

Published on Apr 17, 2012

This is copied from swilliamism. Truth You Can Wake Up To - 17th April 2012
Host Samuel William analyses the evidence that the protest movement is infiltrated, nay riddled, with undercover operatives. If you feel like sharing this evidence with people, why not add this video to your facebook page, blog or website. Thank you :)

  • Mark Kennedy - Undercover policeman embedded in the environmental protest movement for around 7 years. (video below) 
  • Lyn Watson - Undercover police woman. Anti-war "protester".
  • Peace Strike (PS) Democracy Village (DV) was set up after the main Occupy camp.
  • Brian Hore - Legitimate Occupy organiser. - Brian called PS and DV "Cameron's rent a mob" - likely working for the police.
  • Barbara Tucker - not allowed sleeping gear
  • Phoenix - Democracy Village
  • Dom @ 19:00 exposes the ruse. See: Youtube "commonlyknownasdom"
  • "Climate Camp" - present at Occupy 2012 - follow Agenda 21 principles
  • Tavistock Institute - "Social Dreaming". Behavioural manipulation.
  • "Common Purpose" NLP - Neuro-Linguistic programming



police agent provocateurs
This film (and the graphic on the left) was made by an independent group of people called Agent Provocateur Watch. It came into my hands recently, and having viewed the video, I would have to say it raises several interesting questions. It seems to suggest that the police are now using unusual techniques to arrest and agitate demonstrators. In the video you will see, groups of plain clothes police grabbing protesters, affecting arrests, and apparently attempting to goad the placid crowd into violence. The video shows policemen in hoodies and jeans launching themselves at unweary protesters, and arresting them.

I would urge you to watch the video very carefully. You can enlarge the screen so as to see every detail. On the video you will witness a coordinated arrest on a protester who, as far as can be seen, is doing nothing wrong. He is grabbed swung around, clearly terrified, and throughout his intimidating arrest, offers absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

You will also notice a large man screaming abuse at the police (a force,it appears, he himself belongs to) in an attempt to "stir up" the crowd. The crowd is not stirred, it is entirely peaceful. But, should any one start joining in with the undercover policeman, then they will no doubt become the victim of a sudden arrest.

Please study the tape yourself, and decide if this sort of agitation is an acceptable form of policing. Is this the sort of police force we want? This is a question you should bear in mind as you watch the video. Even allowing for it's rather dramatic commentary, it raises some worrying questions.

The police are paid by taxes to serve the public; yet the he person arrested on this film appears done nothing wrong. When someone asks him why he is arrested he replies "I don't really know". It would be interesting to see what he was actually charged with.There is also I'm afraid something that looks very much like a police assault on whoever is holding the camera - remember filming in a public place is legal in the UK. Having watched this film the question remains, is this how we consent to have our society policed?


Confessions of An Undercover Cop  [very good]

Published on May 4, 2013

The inside story of Mark Kennedy, the police officer who lived a remarkable double life deep undercover, as environmental campaigner 'Mark Stone'.

The most important single factor in any 'orderly society' is predictability. Unless you are predictable, you are a threat.  If you are part of a group, expect to be infiltrated.. It doesn't matter whether you are discussing football, cooking, crochet, or politics.

They may not all be as cunning as Officer Kennedy, but they are definitely out there, and they will stop at nothing short of exposure to make sure that you are predictable.

This Mark Kennedy/ Mark Stone doco explains the bigger picture really well... 

What it comes back to is "Personal Responsibility and Integrity". Because Mark agreed in his Employment Contract to tell people lies, his life is now a train-wreck. That was the cost of putting out his hand for his Salary (salt) without proper reflection on what the outcomes may have been.. Most of us tend to go for the money.

I can't sell my soul to the Devil like that. I didn't agree... and I lost my job. I'm glad I told the truth though, about my experience and the organisation I used to work for. Other managers have since left as well, since I made my stand. I couldn't stand by and let psychiatrists drug people up over the limits published in the MIMS book. Criminal... particularly for drugs where there are outcomes leading to medications-induced AIDS symptoms - failure of white blood cells. You can't stand there and watch that shit, and say nothing. Especially when it involves a vulnerable young 23-year-old with better-than-average life prospects.

Underlying message: Don't EVER be a slave to the Corporations !!

The Police in most countries/ all countries in NATO/G20 are Corporate Entities. They're there to make it good for the corporations... not to make it good for the people. They're "POLICE" after all. Therefore, their job is to follow the Corporation's POLICY.

eg: New Zealand's company name is "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand (1934)." It's a CORPORATION. All countries are corporations except for a half-a-dozen countries globally - North Korea, Syria, Iceland, Hungary, Cuba... They've all bolted from the Rothschild banking IMF-World Bank strangle-hold.

Therefore, the world's "policemen" are simply keeping "Policy" ... just like you are in YOUR job. You keep "Company Policy" don't you? The cops are just keeping "PolicEy" too... But in their job, the policies are on a national scale and are whatever gets enacted in Parliament or Congress.

It must be a bitch working in a job where there are shifting goal-posts all the time. No wonder the cops get frustrated. At some point, they would Real Eyes they are just the flunkies of the corporation. Wouldn't that piss you off too? :-/


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