Friday, 22 March 2013

Lucid Dreaming With Reece Jones

This young dude is quite an expert in this area as he's been Lucid Dreaming since he was very young. It's fascinating stuff  : )   I wonder how Lucid Dreaming relates to Co-creation ???  I have an inkling that there's a connection between the two.  I haven't worked it out yet...  And ideas or suggestions on this will be gratefully received  : )

The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (original 2007 version)

Uploaded on Jun 21, 2007
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  1. Lucid dreaming is being used for a various practical purposes. Psychologists use lucid dreams as a therapy to help persons cope with nightmares, trauma and phobias.
    what is lucid dreaming

  2. Thanks for this Matthew :) Interesting to hear about the 'remedial' applications for lucid dreaming :)


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