Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Where are the human trials for the Pfizer vaccine? Email to my local politician MP for Hamilton East Jamie Strange


You are the human trial. Do you actually think the same people who are developing the vaccines will honestly report their findings of adverse reactions? Only a company which has completely lost the will to exist would do that... Logical thinking.

Subject: Where are the human trials for the Pfizer vaccine? 


Attachments1:21 PM NZ. October 20, 2021

to Jamie.StrangeMP

Good afternoon Jamie,

Is it not the responsibility of an MP to respond to the questions of people in their constituency?  It's fair enough that you removed my comments on your Facebook Page, but to block me? Really? Am I that dangerous? - a "domestic terrorist" perhaps, simply for asking relevant questions. To continue on from last night... 

Can you show me any independent longitudinal human test trials for the Covid vaccine please? If you can't find any, I will assume that adviser to PM Jacinda Ardern Professor Michael Baker (University of Otago, Christchurch) is committing a crime against all New Zealanders and misleading the Ardern government. 

Ie: It's very important that members of the Labour party or their agents find the results of independent and peer reviewed human test trials for the Covid-19 vaccine since this administration is pushing so hard for New Zealanders to be vaccinated. Are you actually putting people at greater risk by vaccinating than if they simply contracted Covid-19 Alpha to Delta variants and developed natural anti-bodies, as I have?

Ie: Prof Michael Baker (et al) has had plenty of time to look at these types of information.

Interview with Dr Robert Malone
Dr Malone is an American vaccinologist (a pro-vaxer) who was instrumental in developing the mRNA/gene therapy-based vaccines now being used around the world. Please start at 2:10 mins on this video for background about the vaccine's development under the Trump administration "Operation Warp Speed" program (2020) and for further medical explanations. After 17:30 Dr Malone talks about heart damage caused by the vaccine (myocarditis - particularly seen in young males aged 12-25), blood clotting, life threatening drops in platelets, auto-immune disease, vascular endothelial breakdown, stimulation of herpes-related and other illnesses after being vaccinated, paralysis of the face such as Bell's Palsy (link to YouTube video evidence), alterations in women's menstrual cycle with implications for cancer immediately after vaccination or upon contact with a recently vaccinated person - shedding (vaxed people making unvaxed people sick), and many other unknown quantities.

Please also see the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reports on the Open VAERS website - images for international data being reported attached. Note: Adverse effects being reported on Open VAERS are an estimated 1% of all impacts due to people not being aware of this reporting website - as seen in the screenshots below.

Since Pfizer pulled the plug on its human trials in the first half of 2021, the Open VAERS website is the best thing we have in the absence of peer reviewed double blind studies with control groups to verify efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine now being pushed in New Zealand by people like yourself, Jamie. 

I look forward to hearing from you after you have examined this information further. Many thanks.

Concerned taxpayer 
(oh yeah... I do pay your salary, and I do pay for this "free" vaccine that is likely harming a lot of New Zealanders),

Hamilton East constituent

Screenshots from Open VAERS website


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