Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Cancer awareness month 2021. They've had 107 years to find a cure but 50% of all patients are still dying of the cure !!!

You can draw cancer tumours out by using Amazonian Black Salve as I did in early 2021. I used topical salve (external) as well as Black Salve for internal use. Leave the Black Salve on the skin and your body will push the dead cancer cells out. It's extremely painful so best to do only one at a time. In my case, I had no choice. I did three of them back-to-back in a very quick time-frame since we decided to leave Sweden and come back to New Zealand where alternative therapies are much cheaper. The skin irritation you see here is due to over-using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning... probably should have just used saline mainly. I'll do better research next time re: wound cleaning.

A week later...  

One day before it fell off... 

Note: Great healing of the upper wound.

Reply to a friend on Facebook...

In a large majority of cases, it's not the cancer that kills (which is simply a build-up of over-acidity in your body which forms in pockets here and there) - it's the "cure" that kills. The system we have is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation since 1914. They set up their treatment protocols to fail. Eg: Agreeing to have a biopsy in September 2020 is the reason why my one little 0.5cm lump proliferated into around 7-9 cysts in the right lower quadrant of my right breast. Thanks Rockefeller medical agenda that thinks nothing of making cancers spread inside their innocent (gullible, beguilable) victims !!!  Don't you think 107 years is quite long enough to "find cures"? 

That's not what your Cancer Donation is doing.... It's used to find "treatments" sourced from mining - Chemo derived from oil, mammogram tech derived from uranium/plutonium, pills also derived from oil. Please remember who John D. Rockefeller and family are... mining magnates. What studies is this family doing on Cannabis oil, raw leaf, Amazonian Black Salve/blood root, turmeric, Pau D'arco, and many other herbals? What research are they doing on how going raw vegan and particularly fruitarian puts cancer (acidosis) into "remission" - puts the body into a self-cleansing and alkaline state (no cancer can exist in alkaline). Since when has a medical cancer doctor had those conversations with their patients? Never. NEVER.

See my blog Co-creating Our New Earth (dot) blogspot (dot) com /2013/10/how-rockefeller-foundation-stitched-us (dot) html for the full break-down. My blog is blocked by fb since clearly i'm a very dangerous person - likely a "domestic terrorist". If you want to find this information, you'll find a way.

Link:  How The Rockefeller Foundation "Stitched Us Up"

Also, see Dr Robert Morse (ND) whose protocols I am following for my breast cancer discovered in July 2020. Ie: No hospital protocols whatsoever - no chemo, no pills, no radiation. I'm still here. Cancer hasn't killed me (funny that). And yet 50% of all people who submit to cut, burn, poison WILL DIE. That's a fact. Ie: Not the cancer that's killing people... It's the "treatment".

December 9, 2015

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