Thursday, 21 October 2021

Is there evidence that natural exposure immunity to COVID virus is similar or superior to vaccine-induced immunity?

Paul Alexander
October 15, 2021

Authored by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD, and Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

I argue for the superiority of natural immunity over the narrow ‘spike-specific’ immature immunity conferred by the COVID injections.  Yet you can assess the available body of evidence yourself and make a judgment. The refusal by NIAID’s Anthony Fauci, CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, and NIH’s Francis Collins to recognize natural immunity as similar to or even superior to vaccine immunity is outrageous, unscientific, and downright absurd. We said before that our children must be considered already immune and vaccinated (based on biological and molecular evidence) and leave them alone with these sub-optimal, non-sterilizing, unneeded injections, and now we say the very same for our militaries and police. Leave them to hell alone with vaccine mandates for they can make personal informed decisions while at the same time being at vanishingly low risk for severe outcome from COVID! We can potentially cause needless harm and death to our military and police with these safety untested injections. 

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