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What Medsafe New Zealand is not telling you about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination


More great information from Voices For Freedom NZ

If you’re anything like the 30% of Kiwis [and hundreds of French citizens who read this blog every day] who are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of the Covid vaccine and the pressure the Government is putting on us all to take it, then you have good reason to be concerned..


..and you’re certainly not alone..


I’m going to help give you a much clearer picture of why so many kiwis are worried about it..


If you care about what goes into your own body (and the bodies of your loved ones), and you have unanswered questions about the Vaxx, then these articles and video will be of great help.  

  • Will The Experimental mRNA Covid Vaccine Alter My DNA?
    A shocking hypothesis. This blog post by Dr. Doug Corrigan - a US based scientist - describes the mechanisms of the new, experimental mRNA vaccines and investigates the science behind claims that these products may alter DNA. (To be clear, Voices For Freedom aren’t saying this WILL happen, just that it is a scientific hypothesis into how it might, which is worthy of investigation and discussion.)
  • Why Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle Won’t Take The Jab
    What does he know that you don’t? For those who prefer to watch and listen, we have a great interview for you to dial up from Peter Williams on Magic Talk. In the recording, Peter chats with Dr. Byram Bridle, a Canadian associate professor and viral immunologist in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph. It is interesting to hear Dr. Bridle’s concerns - as a vaccine developer - about the current suite of coronavirus vaccine.
  • Why W.H.O. Changed the definition of a Covid-19 “case”
    This matters greatly in the bigger picture! This is to do with the changing definitions of a Covid-19 “case” as recommended by the W.H.O. and why this matters in the bigger picture.
  • Medsafe’s Report Raises Serious Alarm Bells About The Pfizer Vaccine
    Are you willing to take the risk? Finally, here is an in-depth examination into the 58 conditions that Medsafe placed on Pfizer in order to provisionally approve their vaccine for the New Zealand public. We look at what the conditions are and why we should be hearing more about them - especially seeing as we kicked-off the rollout well ahead of the due dates for the responses!

A couple of quotes from the above Medsafe article:
"Watch out for signs of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and molecular mimicry alongside the usual suspects of neurological disorders - seizures, paralysis, encephalitis; ITP, cardiac concerns etc., oh, and let's not forget death too."

"Stimulate the creation of antibodies that could confuse the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins with Syncytin-1, a protein responsible for placental development.... 'molecular mimicry'... many women might be rendered infertile as a result." 

Ironically, amongst all the pressure for this vaccine, not once has our Ministry of Health or any Government department given dietary and lifestyle guidance for building a strong immune system naturally..


Nor have they told you that by addressing basic deficiencies like vitamin C and Vitamin D you can massively boost your body's ability to withstand viral infections. A fact supported by a wealth of peer reviewed studies..


Hmmm, are really they that negligent, or are they hiding something..?


How much better could our situation be here in NZ had we focused-in on these important areas? We think a lot!


In any case, we are demanding a more responsible approach from our Government to health, and you should too.. 

What can you do?

Here are some ideas I have on how we can advance the exposure of these issues and to encourage open and honest discourse.

  • Write to your local MPs. Send them this blog post and ask them what they plan to do with this information. Now is their time to stand up for the people they represent.

  • Write to the Ministry of Health. Ask them to provide you with the answers to the questions above and, if need be, request the Pfizer reports via the Official Information Act.

  • Write to journalists and the media. Implore them to investigate this issue and remind them of their duty to the public to report the facts and to dig deeper in search of the truth.

  • SHARE this post. Email it to those in your address book who you think might be receptive. Share it to social media - your own pages/accounts AND in the comments sections of relevant news articles.

  • Ask questions whenever you can. Respectfully stimulate discussion by requiring those you interact with to THINK deeply and beyond the contrived media soundbites we have become accustomed to.

Sign our petition! Say NO to:

  • Rushed, experimental COVID-19 vaccines.
  • No jab, No job & No jab, No fly.
  • Wasting NZ taxpayer money to pay All Blacks and Shorty Street celebs to convince us to take a rushed, experimental jab.

In the spirit of Voices for Freedom: Stand up, Speak out - Together we are mighty!

- Voices for Freedom co-founder

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