Tuesday, 19 October 2021

A letter to my local politician, Hamilton East, New Zealand. Please feel free to use this letter as a template.


Hi Jamie, Can you show me the longitudinal human test trials for the Covid vaccine please? If you can't find any, I will assume that Professor Michael Baker (University of Otago) is committing a crime against all New Zealanders and misleading the Ardern government. Ie: It's very important that you find the results of the human test trials. Also, can you recommend where I can get tested for anti-bodies? I contracted Covid 8 times in 2020 when I was living in Sweden, since no effective public health measures were ever implemented in SE. Therefore, I have very good anti-bodies. So will many people in NZ now,, since the government opened the door to Australia for one week back in July - the fundamental reason why we have the outbreaks now (since August). It's been here ever since and moving through the population asymptomatically and manifesting with mild symptoms that no authorities notify the public about: Fever, fatigue, dry cough, myalgia (muscle pain), dyspnea (shortness of breath), diarrhea, nausea, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting... finally pneumonia. Do you know about these symptoms Jamie? If not, why not? Note: People can get one or a combination of any of the above from very mild (unnoticeable) to very severe and uncomfortable - but not needing hospitalisation. The 6th time we were infected (through my partner's work) I couldn't walk for 3 days - the stomach cramps were that bad! I had no other symptoms that occasion except for very nasty diarrhea and the associated dehydration, along with fatigue (need for a lot of sleep which is the body's way of fighting viruses), dizziness, and that little persistent dry cough. We always had those last 3 symptoms, each of the 8 times we contracted Covid-19.

I live in Hamilton East. I'd be happy for you to reach out to me Jamie to hear a lot more about my experience of living with Covid-19 while in Sweden. Thanks. Note: You might not like everything you hear. Eg: Covid's mortality rate is not as high as governments around the world are fear-mongering it to be. For 10,000 cases that come to the attention of authorities, only 4 people will pass away (based on stats from Italy, Iran and Spain in early 2020, and Sweden by the middle of the year). Ie: Much less of a mortality rate than the regular flu - which my own sister died of in 2008, and I was extremely sick also... much sicker than with Covid. The main problem with Covid is the impact economically. We got sick so regularly, so often, and had so much time off work that we lost 20-25% of our income. That's why we came home to NZ. Our flailing bank account could no longer take the hits. On the macro-level, this is exactly what's happening to every country in the world. I'm happy to talk to you more on these subjects Jamie, if you can handle a rational open conversation, that is. 

Note: I won't be getting the vaccine since it will wipe out all the T-cell immunity i've already built up over 2020. The vaccine protects only using 1-2 spike proteins. It's only 30% effective after 6 months, then you need to go and have another one. Good deal for the drug companies... Pfizer alone projects that it will make 33 billion US$ in 2021 alone! No conspiracies. No coincidences. All of this information is publicly available. If you've had Covid, you've got a more complete protection due to natural immunity. When is that ever talked about during press conferences? The Ardern government is pushing a lot of propaganda through NZ's news agencies. I've switched it all off now. Along with a lot of informed New Zealanders, i'm sick of the fear-mongering and the lies. And i'm really, really sick of hearing about proposals for vaccine mandates. October 15 is/was the "magic" date all over the world. Funny how the 1-week reprieve for NZ'ers to return from Covid-addled Oz in July has now led to the most successful campaign to get people jabbed, ever since Covid first arrived here. No coincidences. No conspiracies. The facts speak for themselves. Large protests are happening all over the world against the vaccine mandates (all announced in October - weird how all of those countries announced at the same time, don't you think?) and yet those protest actions are never covered on the nightly NZ news, are they? Why is that do you think? ... Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out!  

Update  - 12 hours after I added the above Comments to Jamie's Facebook Page:

BLOCKED !!!  Jamie couldn't take the heat.  

Is this really the calibre of our politicians?  - that they don't have the capacity to field our well thought through questions and engage in honest unbiased debate?  God help us. Clueless. Brainless. Feckless. 


  1. The vaccine is more deadly than the virus. Condolences on the loss of your sister. My family has been using natural immune boosters and viral suppressants. They work very well.

    1. Thank you Anon. My sister passed away in 2008. Was it "swine flu" floating around at that time ?? It was spring and she usually did the calf rearing. She was very sick and was not looking after herself (stubborn person) - "boxed on". When it was too late, she finally realised how sick she was and had to go to hospital. I got sick at around the same time in another town. I was REALLY sick. Lots of people were all through the Waikato with many deaths. No mandates back then, huh? No vaccine passports. No threat of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-type Social Credit Score, which of course where the vax passport will end up. That would be the "new normal" then... completely under control, just like the poor Chinese people under the thumb of the CCP led by Xi Jin Ping.

    2. We also use daily supplements D3, Vit C and Zinc. They definitely help.


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