Monday, 25 March 2019

Resignation Anon tells all. Researcher extraordinaire. The global dots join !!!

March 24, 2018

This German Anon has done hundreds of hours of work for the patriots to show us which notable people have resigned from their jobs, their country of origin, their industry... and so much more !!!  Why do Germans create the most efficient, technical motors in the world?  >> Attention to detail. Resignation Anon (RA) is certainly obsessed with detail. His lists and information are entirely comprehensive. Listen, look, and be amazed that this is the work of one man! Thank you patriot !!

Please pass this video/article around your networks. "Yes! 'Something' is happening."  These lists most definitely indicate that there is panic out there. The bad actors have been hiding in every commercial, social enterprise, non-profit and governmental-administrative department in the world. They are scared!

Note: Not all resignations are "bad actors". Many will be.

Please persevere with Resignation Anon's German accent. He gives us a lot of amazing information from 45:00 onward. RA names names, including David Hogg in Florida, connections to him and many "coincidental" resignations in Broward County; Ron DeSantis; Scott Israel; Digicel resignations and deaths, Dennis O'Brien (Irish), Haiti and the Clinton Foundation, suicides/Arkansides; Prince Al Awaleed, Saudi Arabia; Wells Fargo resignations and deaths; 29 national Prime Ministers of countries around the world resigned, including NZ's John Key in December 2016, as soon as Donald Trump's Presidency was confirmed;

These are Resignation Anon's data links and personal websites:

Notable resignations
Resignation info
Resignation show
Patriots can report resignations to RA here >>  Including retirements, firing, deaths and suspensions
Complete directory of the 8chan QResearch board
RA's Twitter
RA's Gab

PLEASE SHARE. Thank you.

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