Friday 5 January 2018

GALACTIC AGE - Donald Trump #SSP Missing TRILLIONS #NASA, #Disclosure

Buzz Aldrin's chagrin at being called "the second man to walk on the moon" once again !!

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2017 Year In Review - President Trump 1st Year - What Happened

Added on Jan 1, 2018 by the "Real Mike Trimm"

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January 20, 2017. Trump's inauguration after the biggest upset in American history - the defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump's inaugural speech included reference to opening up to future space exploration.
> John G. Trump - President Trump's Uncle - CIA agent and Professor at MIT, was part of the team to investigate Nikola Tesla's papers after he passed away. Tesla said the Universe was based on Energy, Frequency, Vibration.
> TPP was killed - It was a classified law written by the Deep State to bring all countries under their thumb.
> Ancient Truths were also referred to in his speech at the CIA headquarters.
> The #FakeNews media continue to pursue the Russia Collusion narrative
> Jeff Sessions was sworn in.
> Trump stated that he would "break the back" of the "criminal cartel".
> Trump signed an executive order that prevented human trafficking
> February 14. HJ41 was signed. This gave power to investigate Uranium One. US $143,000,000 was received by the Clinton Foundation in kickbacks over the Uranium One deal, from Russia.
> Human trafficking is the glue that holds the Deep State together.
> The exploration of space is going to reawaken the American Dream.
> The lock-out of women to enter NASA career paths was addressed. Trump signed an executive order.
> $21 TRILLION is unaccounted for in the Secret Space program
> March 21, 2017 - the "Doctor Phil" show aired an expose on Child Sex Trafficking being done by the global elites.
> March 25, 2017 - Trump's commitment to space exploration was again confirmed. The "NASA Transition Authorization Act" was signed - the James Webb Space Telescope project was announced.
> Before we can explore space, we need to end the epidemic of child sexual abuse and Trafficking. On April 7, 2017 Trump publicly announced what had been achieved to date.
> April 24, 2017 - Trump visits NASA and discusses travel to Mars. NASA said humans would be on Mars by 2031. Trump said NASA would need to speed up the date.
> Paris Climate Accord - was the choke-hold to keep the USA under control. Trump took the steps for the USA to write their own history.
> June 5, 2017 - Trump renewed his commitment to space exploration. SERCO currently hold contracts around space exploration. These contracts are all about to change.
> June 7, 2017 - Mike Pence re: NASA astronout selection process
> June 30, 2017 - Buzz Aldrin rolled his eyes when introduced as the "second man to walk on the moon."
> The National Space Council was signed into being
> Pence delivered a speech at the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral stating that Trump is forwarding the plan for space exploration. "Science fiction will become science fact."
> President Trump is bringing in what President Kennedy had started - with the help of Julian Assange and many other people.
> The Trump administration affirms that the USA will put boots on Mars.
> September 19, 2017. The targetting of international criminal networks was talked about in a speech by Trump.
> What is the role of robotics and other technologies? - The duration spent in space will be a lot longer in the future... Therefore, space exploration will be much safer with the use of automated systems.
> QAnon has carried out the largest intelligence drop in modern human history. What QAnon has exposed to the world is absolutely horrific... Nothing is hidden.

The information drop of QAnon ushers in our new Galactic Age. #GalacticAge

We are on the brink of a new era. This is our future. - Michael Trim

Note: The Deep State is still in power - but are very rapidly being taken down.

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