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Happy New Year from Titus Frost - "Dominos" #Pizzagate falling - Hold the sauce!

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We are here people. It's "1984".

Video: Happy New Year 2017! The Best Year Ever was 2016! #PizzaGate, Bilderberg Hacked, Fireworks

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Titus Frost

Video (click on the image) published on Jan 1, 2017

The Illuminati Plans for 2017 analyzed. Don't let the butthurt ass bleeding liberals claim that 2016 was a bad year because they lost the national popularity contest. 2016 was my personal best year. Also I drop some big information regarding #PizzaGate. Furthermore Bilderberg got hacked. Plus plenty more.

Bonus: I filmed our backyard Texas Fireworks, we shot fireworks off four four hours, here are some funny highlights to bring in the New Year.
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BronnyNZSE comment on Titus' video:

Thanks Titus. I enjoyed your family fireworks at the end. Very appropriate !! For me personally, the jury is still out on Trump. I know the slaves get to choose Red or Blue every 4 years (here in New Zealand it's 3 yearly) and usually these puppets are crafted from the same pound of butter. For me... ??

"You will know them by their fruits" so pre-emptive nailing of the coffin doesn't sit too well. I like sharing your videos normally Titus, but I won't be sharing this one because of your comments about Trump, and your insistence that there is a "saviour" that humanity needs to turn to, otherwise "eternal damnation" will be yours.

Do you know the Roman elites created "Iesus Christus"? 

He's a composite figure made up of the Roman/Persian "savioiur deity" Mithras (aka Horus, aka Tammuz, and so on) and a man named Apollonius of Tyana who was a great teacher and Pythagorean philosopher 4-97CE. Apollonius' teaching reconnected people back to their Creator directly, without the people going through a priest - unlike Mithaism and unlike the Roman Catholic Church upon whose teachings the whole of Christendom sits.

There were 16 temples all over the Mediterranean world that were built in Apollonius's honour - not to worship him (heck no!) but in honour of him for bringing back to people what was called the "true religion" of brotherly love and peace. The Romans were extremely ticked off with Apollonius' teaching. It's very difficult to raise an army and carry out an expansionist agenda when everyone realises that my brother is the same as my self and therefore "do to him as you would do to yourself", which includes not killing him or her. This teaching comes out of understanding the quantum field, which is exactly what Pythagorean philosophers understood ever since 400BCE when Pythagoras was working on these phenomena.

In our modern times, we can see something of Pythagorean "resonance theory" and "quantum field studies" as we term it today, through the existence of the Pythagorean monochord. This instrument plays its own "melodies" (in the harmonics range) that occur because of sound resonance waves folding back in and out on one another - and then these "melodies" organically appear.

Apollonius: "Religion, mysticism, maths and music".

When Apollonius had completed his 5-years of silence at the end of 11 years training in Pythagorean maths, the music of the spheres, sound resonance - transfers to today's quantum physics, philosophy, wisdom teaching, rhetoric (public speaking), the healing arts, magic arts (he went to both Egypt and Babylon to observe practitioners there in how they manipulate matter in the quantum field), then he began life as a bonafide fully fledged teacher. The first assignment Apollonius had was in South Palestina = Roman Judea. He lived there for around 4-5 years. And what was Appolonius' age when he lived in Palestina performing miracles, teaching people, calming the seas and healing people? He was between 29 and 34 years old. Funny that...  The same ages that the supposed "Iesus Christus" was purportedly in Judea. And yet Appolonius never once bumped into "Jesus of Gallilee" who allegedly grew up as a tradesman in a town of largely peasants where a broader perspective on "life" and where a philosophy and mystery school education was not available to him.

Apollonius - healer and teacher. "A long haired, bearded, white robed man who calmed the seas".

In the school of Pythagorean philosophy in south east Anatolia (Turkey near the Syrian border) all of this was available to a very studious young man whose teachings were known all over the Mediterranean world from Spain and Morroco all the way down into India. Apollonius made three trips to India. Please compare your "Iesus Christus" (it's a Roman name for starters) with Appolonius of Tyana who had travelled extensively throughout the eastern Mediterranean world by the time he was age 29 applying himself rigorously to the teachings, philosophies, reasoning, maths, quantum field scholarly research, the wisdom and "mysteries" (quantum field phenomena) and so on that he gained his "qualifications" in, before he ever went to Judea. Think about it Titus. 

Here's a blog I created on the subject with a lot of evidence pointing to the veracity of this man Appolonius of Tyana, whereas, there is NO independent historical evidence for "Iesus Christus" (Roman name).

"The Apollonius-Jesus question".

My own verifications of the existence of Creator:

I myself have been healed miraculously by the shining hand of our Creator when I was aged 16 in 1977. I am more that happy to discuss this further with you. 

My entire life was saved (by grace) on a number of occassions after I left my violent, dangerous, psychopathic, ex-husband in 1985, through the intervention of Creator giving me insight (a vision) and with the assistance of people being prompted to come and help me, I feel through the interventions of angelic beings. 

I had a demonic entity breathing right in my ear when I was aged 14 (1975) which departed at the name of "Jesus". My family was engaged in occult demonic practices when I was aged 11-12 and after becoming a Christian in 1973, there were still a few of these "attachments" to deal with... So I do know there is power in the name of Jesus, Titus. 

A bearded young man with brown wavy hair appeared to me in a dream, dressed in business casual attire, in 1988 - and I know exactly who that was by the vibration of his personal presence in the dream. 

So don't get me wrong... I do know the personification of Creator through this young man. I haven't worked it all out yet, but I think i've made a cracking good shot at it so far, based on my own life experiences. Perhaps I never will work it out, and this is perfectly normal. There have been thousands of seekers before me also, and there will be more to come. Who can truly know the workings of an infinite and indefinable Creator, right? 

But these things I know for sure... 

1. This "saviour" is a version of a deity that comes straight out of the mouths of the elites who were running the Roman Empire/Mediterranean world in 325CE (Council of Nycea). 

2. The Bible is a tool to keep people under control. 

3. The New Testament is a crock - it's a made up fiction. 

4. There was a real documented historic man (by comparison, "Iesus Christus" is not) who walked the earth doing miracles, healing people, teaching people from 4-97CE and yet nobody has ever heard of him. 

Why is that? Yeah... it was completely done on purpose!  #RomanEmpire

Here's another few links for good measure on these subjects. Please enjoy at your leisure.

Welcome to our new group: Apollonius of Tyana - the Nazarene

"FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER". How to STAND in the face of Demonic Activity

Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh

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Source - Apollonius of Tyana

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