Friday 30 December 2016

The elites are running scared. Lies, lies, lies. #Pizzagate Russian Embassy closures

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Published on Dec 18, 2016. 
Just when you thought the story of a pizza guy being one of the most powerful people in Washington was full blown twighlight zone  - Ron Johnson.

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Video:  Roger Stone: Dems Attempting Coup Against Trump

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Published on Dec 29, 2016
Alex Jones talks with Roger Stone about what the Democrats have planned to try and stop Donald Trump.
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ALL of this is part of the same story - Of blaming the Russians for the supposed assistance to get Donald Trump into the Presidency; Of now expelling Russian diplomats from the USA which happened on Friday Dec 30, 2016. It's all designed to try to get you to take your eyes off #Pizzagate. Don't be distracted. The Russian stories are utterly bogus. There will be no outbreak of war. Keep your eyes on child traffickers #TonyPodesta and brother #JohnPodesta; on murderer #HillaryClinton and her bastard husband #BillClinton; and on George Soros puppet #BarackObama and his transvestite wife #MichelleObama.

Don't be distracted by the Russia plot lines. The elites are trying to trick us again with the old hackneyed story that worked during the 1950s-60s to make you once again beLIEve there is a Cold War. There is not. The complete opposite is true. Russia - the new Russian Federation that is, which is nothing like the old Jewish Bolshevik run "Soviet Bloc" - is completely neutral and friendly towards Americans. The problems we ALL have, including the Russian administration, is these little SHITS who have been running America into the ground right up to today and most likely all the way into January 19, 2017 and who need to be locked up for treason as soon as Donald Trump gets sworn in as President of the USA on January 20, 2017.

- BronnyNZSE

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