Thursday 12 January 2017

Donald Trump smashes Buzzfeed into the ground. Commentator David Seaman

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Image  - Click on the image to see the video on Vidme by journalist David Seaman.

David Seaman unpacks the "Fake News" narrative and points the finger right back where it belongs - CNN, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Megyn Kelly (now on NBC), some guy called "David" who shills all over Twitter who's employed by Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC, Fox, the MSM generally...

"We're sick of the shill economy when the rest of us live in meritocracy.... Who's still buying subscriptions to the Washington Post when they're so full of shit? - this is an audience who's 'attention bankrupt'.

"An alleged pedophile was picked by Hillary Clinton to be her Secretary of State... This creep John Podesta would have had power over US foreign policy and bend it to his own perverted interests. Why are you attacking Donald Trump? Is that a fair and free media? We're sick of you yelling 'fake news'. That totally backfired because the public realised, 'Yeah. There is fake news, and it's you guys'.

"And yet Megyn Kelly puts out fake news and she gets promoted to NBC... The Washington Post puts out fake news every day. The Washington Post is a 'reverse gawker' where media elites attack people who are not well known and intimidate them. And yet they (MSM) don't have the spine and the balls to read a single Podesta email that's in question." - David Seaman

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Donald Trump Should Sue BUZZFEED Into A Coma!

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Source  - Click on the image to see the video on YouTube by citizen journalist New World Agenda.

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