Friday 2 December 2016

American eagle (Republic) takes down fat cat corporate globalists on Nov 27, 2016

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More messages from the hologram. Poor kitty yes !! (I agree) - But look at what the hologram has shown us... And please take note of the date that Curtis published his video - Tuesday November 27, 2016. This is the day the Democrats and their puppet masters - the #NWO #Globalists and #GeorgeSoros cabal knew for sure - that they had been taken down !! I also want to add that I know technically, the bird is a hawk. However, there's a good enough similarity between a hawk and an eagle for this still to be a really great symbolic message (portent) about the state of the American Republic, post- a Donald Trump success in the presidential race. The fact that this footage was shot on American soil and "in the hood" tells me that the affects of the Trump Presidency will be felt by ALL - all the way to the most underprivileged neighbourhoods in the USA. EVERYONE will feel the impact of those corporate entity Fat Cats being TAKEN DOWN !!! What a great day for America. What a great day for the world !!!

See the video linked here and on all the images.  If this link doesn't work for you, please go to Vidme

Here's some of the highlights for November 27, 2016 taken off my Facebook timeline >>

Dakota Access Pipeline - the fight for clean water and land sovereignty

The restoration of the Motherland to the people of America

A direct message from Christoph at his "ancestral homestead" kins domain in Hungary. He says:  "I am very pleased to see that what has been moving 😊 We from the association Terra Animam have launched the following petition to spread the idea of the family residence. Please go to the petiton here" >>

Barack Obama has been stripped of the power to pass any new laws or impose new policies, as the Midnight Rule Relief Act passed on Thursday.

Donald Trump infiltrates the US Federal Reserve Bank - a privately owned bank, neither "federal" nor owned by the USA. It is PRIVATE and it controls the US money markets... In Donald Trump’s first four years as president, he will not only choose three judges for the Supreme Court, he’ll also pick five of the seven members on the Fed Board of Governors. It would be impossible to overstate the effect this is going to have on the nation’s economic future.

"The social contract has been broken and the people must revolt." 2:56  - John Locke cited by Max Keiser

End of a cycle re Cuba-American relations. 

Marine Le Pen, FRANCE. Meet this amazing woman! She is stepping up to make France great again. Lets show this lady some love and good ol' fashioned trump support. She has endorsed trump, and is leading the polls I can find. #worldrevolution   Poster

The stupidity of the MSM is laid bare for all to see.  According to the Washington Post, is working for the Russians to overthrow America's journalism with Russian propaganda.

#PizzaGate. This is another excellent video on the the child sexual abuse and Satanic ritual abuse cult that runs out of Washington DC. It's a global ring. It operates also in London England with thousands of politicians and their aides involves, with people in public service all abusing and providing children to these rapacious demon-possessed psychopaths including - police, FBI, CIA, child "protection" services, teachers, nurses, doctors, fast food managers, swimming pool operators... the list goes on... It's time to #DrainTheSwamp #PizzaGate

New York Times exposed by journalist for the people, David Seaman  #PizzaGate  This YouTube channel "David Seaman" is a New York journalist. He gives us excellent, well researched information Follow his videos.  Published on Nov 25, 2016. Shame on The New York Times. Shame on Cecilia Kang. Shame on disgusting James Alefantis. America is watching, sickos. The entire world is watching. And we are very, very angry. Global justice.

The Hampstead children Alisa (9) and Gabriel (8) were right all along. 
See the article, "English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!" 

Hampstead is a part of a much, much bigger global network that goes right to the top of the US administration, and undoubtedly to the "monarchs" = psychologically 'split' #MKultraMindKontrol so-called "royal" houses of Europe #NinthCircleSatanicCircle. Ref: #TheDangerousGame European royals child hunting parties, eg: #KamloopsCanada 1960s Phillip and Elizabeth despatching at least 6 Inuit children while out on a "picnic" #demonic

This documentary is excellent - verifiable proofs one can post with impunity. It totally backs up what Alisa and Gabriel said in their videos #HampsteadCoverUp Worth reposting.

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The big old American Eagle (Republican) has just taken those little Fat Cats DOWN !!! - dip-shit fat cat globalist corporations. BRILLIANT !! Oh yeah.... That big ol' eagle gonna eat that fat cat right up, no problems at all !!

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This is another confirmation of the take-down of 
the fat cats who have been running the world !!

More confirmations here >>

Messages from the HOLOGRAM. Trump wins presidency! NZ earthquake Nov 2016.

The Global Corporate cabal is TORN ASSUNDER !! Messages from the hologram!

More messages from the hologram #PizzaGate #JohnPodesta #SpiritCooking

Brilliant. For me, this is total confirmation!

>>  The eagle HAS taken down the fat cats...

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>>  He has them in his power.  When you see the video, you'll see what great power this eagle most definitely has!

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>>  The struggling fat cat has no way of getting out of this death-grip!

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>>  The eagle has so much strength that he can even fly with the cat in his talons...

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>>  The struggling fat cat doesn't have a chance !!

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>>  The cat's once ripping claws now flail in the air impotently !! 

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>>  The eagle wants to make sure we (humanity) has seen this spectacle. He wants us to know the end of the fat cat is here !! He perches one last time on the fence before undertaking the final annihilation!

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Here is the final message for the globalists, 
just to make sure they do get it !!

Humanity no longer tolerates being used as canon 
fodder for the wars the bankers conjure up.


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